Registration open for Camp Invention

by Kelly Rogge
Creativity is being inspired during Kansas City Kansas Community College’s week-long summer camp, Camp Invention.
Camp Invention is designed for elementary school students as a way to help them explore, tinker with ideas and be creative. There are two sessions this summer. The first is July 14 to 18 at the KCKCC Main Campus, 7250 State Ave. The second is July 21 to 25 at the KCKCC-Leavenworth Campus. Each session is from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and tuition is $199. Discounts are available. Campers need to bring a sack lunch each day.
“Camp Invention is an amazing weeklong summer adventure where students entering grades one through six will brainstorm, tinker, create and invent without limits,” said Kylie Williamson, coordinator of community education for KCKCC. “Camp Invention allows kids to use their imagination while learning scientific principles.”
Camp Invention is a national program that KCKCC has hosted since 2008. Students who participate will use real tools, circuits and materials from the Inventor Supply Room to build their own original prototypes. They work in teams to rotate among different modules, allowing them to build upon what they learned the previous day. All activities are centered on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) concepts. It is the only nationally-accredited summer enrichment day experience for elementary-aged children and is led by local certified educators. The program was first started in 1990 and since has served more than 1,200 sites in 49 states.
“They will create a personalized motor-powered vehicle and take apart electronics to construct an insect-themed pinball machine,” Williamson said. “I hope children learn new concepts and are inspired by inventors whose inventions have changed the world, all while having a blast building and creating things.”
For more information or to register, call 913-288-7660. Registration can also be completed by going to the KCKCC website, and selecting “Continuing Education.” Select “Continuing Education Schedule” and Personal Growth under Youth Programs.
Information about Camp Invention can be found at

BPU to meet July 2

The Board of Public Utilities will meet Wednesday, July 2, at the board offices, 540 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Kan.

The work session will begin at 5 p.m. Wednesday. On the agenda are a general manager and board update; and a communications update.

The regular meeting starts at 6 p.m. Wednesday. On the agenda are linemen certificates; a radio update; the May financial report; board comments; and general manager comments.

New Rosedale bus route means ‘everything’ to some riders

Connie Rideau, left, and Carol Guenther, both residents of the Rosedale neighborhood of Kansas City, Kan., were happy about the start today of a new bus route from Rosedale to Argentine. (Staff photo)

by Mary Rupert

For Connie Rideau, a new bus route from the Rosedale to Argentine neighborhoods of Kansas City, Kan., means “everything.”

Rideau, a Rosedale resident, said it means she won’t be stuck in her apartment every day doing nothing. It means she can find a job, get to the doctor and go to the store, she said.

Rideau, part of today’s bus route ceremony at Emerson Park, and other Rosedale residents worked for more than a year to get this new bus route in place. The new 105 Rosedale bus route will cost the Unified Government $290,000 annually and is operated by the Area Transportation Authority.

Carol Guenther, another Rosedale resident who lives near Rushton Elementary, said there were times she had trouble getting to her polling place at the Rainbow Mennonite Church. She added she had to make quite a few calls to find a ride. Guenther, who worked with Rosedale Development Association on this bus route project, said she also plans to use the bus to go to RDA meetings and to the Save-A-Lot grocery store in Argentine.

Not just Rosedale, but also Argentine is expected to reap the benefits of the new bus route, as residents of Rosedale without other transportation will be able to ride the bus to shop at Save-A-Lot, a new Walmart Neighborhood Market, as well as the new South Library in Argentine. Argentine residents will gain better access to the University of Kansas Hospital and doctors’ offices in the Rosedale area, as well.

Heidi Holliday, executive director of the Rosedale Development Association, said it will increase Rosedale residents’ access to employment, food, and education through the library.

“It decreases the isolation of people without access to reliable transportation,” she said.

Mark Huffer, CEO and president of the Kansas City ATA, said it was the first time in about a decade that a new bus route has been added in Kansas City, Kan.

“It’s a game-changer for our county,” said Maureen Mahoney, chief of staff for Mayor Mark Holland.

Transit, said Dan Serda, a member of the ATA board of commissioners, is essential to everything a community does, including economic development.

“It was truly a grass-roots effort,” said UG Commissioner Ann Murguia, 3rd District, who was instrumental in getting the UG commission to approve the project. She related a story at the opening event about her volunteer work years ago at Emerson School. A student was absent one day because his mother did not have transportation to get a vaccination.

“We took care of it then,” she said, and she hopes now they’ve taken care of it (in the future) for everyone who runs across these issues.

The new bus route also has a business side to it. It could help residents gain transportation to the Walmart Neighborhood Market under construction at 2100 Metropolitan Ave. in Argentine, as well as to the new Save-A-Lot store nearby. Some UG officials last year said they hoped the bus line and its access to stores in Kansas City, Kan., would help keep more sales tax money in Wyandotte County, instead of going outside the county.

The new Rosedale to Argentine bus on its first day, June 30, in front of Emerson Park in the Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City, Kan.

Unified Government Commissioner Ann Murguia addressed the audience at opening ceremonies for the new Rosedale bus route on June 30. (Staff photo)

Mark Huffer, CEO of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, said it was the first time in about a decade that a new bus route has been added in Kansas City, Kan. (Staff photo)

Transit is essential to everything a community does, said Dan Serda, a member of the KCATA board. (Staff photo)

“It’s a game-changer for our county,” said Maureen Mahoney, chief of staff for Mayor Mark Holland. At the left was UG Transit Director Emerick Cross. (Staff photo)

A new Walmart Neighborhood Market is under construction at 2100 Metropolitan Ave. in the Argentine area of Kansas City, Kan.