Ag Hall to close temporarily this season

The National Agriculture Center and Hall of Fame, Bonner Springs, will close its doors temporarily this season, according to an announcement today.

“The Board of Directors believes that this is an opportune time to regroup and rethink the Center’s future,” said Jody Albers, president of the Board of Directors.

“Our balance sheet is strong, and our board of directors and partners are committed to a bright future,” Albers said.  Event and daily attendance have grown substantially over the last several years.  The previous staff and leadership have done a tremendous job, but without continued private funding the board has had to make a tough decision, Albers said.  The National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame will be completely reimagined in the months ahead, she said.

The facilities and grounds will play host to a variety of events throughout the year. Temporary volunteer or part-time staff will be made available for scheduled events.  The facility offers a variety of spaces for rent and will continue to do so during this period, she said.  Staff will attend to the upkeep of the buildings and grounds and the preservation of the collection.  Maintenance of the buildings and grounds will continue as usual. The community and patrons will be able to visit the website to get updates and to express thoughts on the future, she said.

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