Bike trail proposed for Fairfax area

The proposed hiking and biking path at the Fairfax levee that advanced Monday night is on the lower right of this map, from point A to D to E and back again to A.

Unified Government commissioners on Monday night looked over some options for a hiking and biking trail at the levee in the Fairfax industrial area of Kansas City, Kan.

Commissioners on the Public Works and Safety Standing Committee voted unanimously to advance one of the options for further consideration. The proposed trail would have to go through some other steps, including the Planning Commission, before receiving final approval.

The option that received preliminary approval Monday would be a short trail that would run along the lower shelf area of the Fairfax levee. The path would start on the Levee Road from the former Lady Baltimore site, down a riverside ramp to extend about 1,000 feet. It then returns to the Lady Baltimore site.

Public Works Director Bob Roddy explained to the committee that this option, which he recommended, would be a good start for the hiking and biking trail. If it works out, it’s possible the trail could be expanded in future years, he said.

Steve Dailey, of the Fairfax Drainage District board, said a lot of time had been devoted to giving levee tours so that different options for the trail could be developed.

Roddy said that the Fairfax Drainage District is a unique levee system, built out of sand. He said it requires a unique operational understanding to make sure its integrity is not breached. The option that was chosen will not interfere with the drainage district operations and will not compromise security on the upper level, according to Roddy.

The trail will be made from asphalt chips or crushed limestone, and will not be paved, he said. He expected its cost to be low.

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