Body discovered floating in Big 11 Lake

Wyandotte County Sheriff’s officers discovered a body floating in Big 11 Lake at 11th and State Avenue today.

The body appears to be a male, but the age or race of the man is not certain at this time, said Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Lt. Kelli Bailiff. She added it appeared that the body had been in the water for quite a while.

She said the body has been taken to the Wyandotte County coroner’s office, which may be able to determine more information, such as approximate age and other details.

Lt. Bailiff said it cannot be assumed that the man died from drowning, since the cause of death has not yet been determined.

A call came in from a bystander at mid-morning about a body floating in the lake, she said. The Sheriff’s Department was brought in because it has jurisdiction over the parks.

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