BPU conducting customer survey

The Kansas City, Kansas, Board of Public Utilities is undertaking a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey to identify areas for expanded or improved service across the entire utility, according to a spokesman.

The initial phase includes an online survey, of both residential and commercial customers, and will then be expanded to include mail and telephone outreach as necessary to ensure broad community input.

The survey asks about customer service practices, billing processes, products offerings, environmental initiatives and community involvement efforts, according to the spokesman. It also seeks to identify preferred customer communication methods, such as social media vs. direct mail and email vs. telephone.

Once completed, the results of the survey will be utilized to help BPU further improve the utility’s overall customer experience, identify areas for improvement, expansion, and elimination, and to better serve the needs of its customers and Wyandotte County as a whole. To participate in the online survey go to survey.bpu.com.

– Information from BPU


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