BPU discusses charges on bill

by William Crum

At tonight’s planning session the Board of Public Utilities discussed new ways of informing the public about the charges on their bill.
Mentioned was the PILOT fee, which means payment in lieu of taxes. The fee is placed on BPU bills by the Unified Government.  The BPU expressed the desire to  give the public a greater understanding of what is going on regarding their BPU bill.
At the regular session a new proposal before the board is called the Kaw Point Revitalization Project. The project includes a building located next to Kaw Point in Kansas City, Kan.
This building would be right in front of the park and it might be a reason for new businesses to come to the Fairfax industrial area in Kansas City, Kan., according to BPU officials. This building would also improve the entrance and exit of the park itself.
The entrance to the park would be maintained by the landlord of the building, and after its completion on a tentative date of May 1, 2015, it may have the effect of attracting new businesses in the area, according to BPU officials. As of now the planning commission has not totally approved the project, but after it is approved, construction can get underway.

3 thoughts on “BPU discusses charges on bill”

  1. I own property in Wyandotte County. I also own properties all over KC and outlaying areas. I must say that BPU rates are way beyond realistic. Every month when I log in to pay bills my BPU bills are on average 20-30% higher for the same amount of usage. Their bill looks like an abusive cellular bill that makes no sense.

    My West Star accounts are better organized. Much better on-line presence and their internal customer service is more efficient and easier to navigate.

    I would suggest that Unified Government lease their infrastructure out to a larger organizations so the inefficiency and high operating costs can be dealt with.

    I feel that the organization must be poorly managed to have such high costs and is not competitive with other providers.

    My property taxes are also way out of line when I compare to other properties I own. I just don’t understand why the unified government is so inefficient when compared to other parts of the city. With all the development of the Legends area there is no reason for abusive property taxes.

    I will be selling my “dott” property this year as a result of high operating costs due to utilities and taxes. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. I have other friends who have either sold or avoid the area. Some day the “Dott” will look like Detroit if they refuse to be competitive with the surrounding area.

  2. Who do you think is paying for the Legends? We, the taxpayers. That is why taxes and utility charges are higher in general. The tax breaks the businesses receive from the “Dotte” are passed along to residents. The price you pay for living in a county trying to grow.

  3. My light bill doesn’t make sense at all. Water pollution abatement is $33 and PILOT is $46.92. That’s around $80 on my bill. I live in a house on a corner lot in a residential area, no business building on my street. Comparing to my neighbor’s light bill, she has no abatement and PILOT on her bill. I’m trying to find an explanation about my bill and I’m still clueless. They shrug their shoulders saying it’s the government. I still don’t get it. I deserve an explanation.

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