BPU discusses policy changes

The BPU board discussed policy changes on Wednesday night. (Photo by William Crum)

by William Crum

At the Board of Public Utilities work session today, board members and officials talked about the revenue forecast and electric service policy changes.

The BPU members and officials also talked about phone policy changes that could improve customer service.

As of today, the board is talking about the changes, but nothing yet.

During the BPU meeting, State Sen. David Haley, who ran for the BPU this month, spoke to the board regarding small business.

State Sen. David Haley, who was a candidate for the BPU board this month, spoke to the board during the Wednesday night meeting. (Photo by William Crum)

At the regular meeting, a speech was given about water projects that are underway.

BPU officials talked about water main breaks, which are at a low this year. They also discussed which areas have the most water main breaks.

The BPU also discussed the number of work orders that have been completed.

Also, in the early part of the year, high water caused by flooding had an effect on access to the water collector wells.

Because of its infrastructure, the flooding really did not affect the BPU, according to officials. Other utilities were severely affected and suffered a lot of damage due to flooding, according to BPU officials. Afterwards, a lot of improvements were made.

At the end of the meeting, a financial statement was presented to the board.

Board comments were made by Bob Milan, board member, about recent policy updates. Norm Scott, a board member, made a statement about recent policy changes soon to be made.

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