BPU to end moratorium on utility disconnections June 1

Like many other utilities in Kansas, the Kansas City, Kansas, Board of Public Utilities will lift its temporary moratorium on disconnects for nonpayment on June 1.

While that means the BPU can shut off the utilities for nonpayment, the utility does not intend to cut off customers en masse, according to David Mehlhaff, BPU spokesman.

“We’re letting them know the moratorium is ending so they can prepare,” he said.

If customers are not current on their BPU bills, they will need to call the BPU customer service number and let the utility know they want to get on a payment arrangement plan, according to the spokesman.

“We will work with them,” Mehlhaff said.

The BPU suspended utility disconnects on March 16, before the governor’s executive order that suspended disconnections until May 1. BPU then extended its suspensions of disconnections through May 31, the spokesman stated.

Residential and business customers have not had utility cutoffs since March 16.

Mehlhaff said most utilities are ending their moratoriums now or next week.

Although utilities were expected to have suffered revenue losses in March, April and May, Mehlhaff said it was still too early to know what the BPU’s revenue loss would be.

The spokesman stated BPU is working to resume normal business operations and will slowly ramp up utility disconnects for nonpayment. BPU will work with customers to assist them with payment arrangements.

Customers have been encouraged to stay current with their bills to avoid getting too far behind and if anyone has any BPU billing or customer service questions, they may call 913-573-9190 and a utility representative is available to assist, the spokesman stated.

Payment arrangement options are available anytime of the year, prior to disconnection, according to the spokesman. If a customer desires a payment arrangement, the arrangement line, 913-573-9145, is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The BPU lobby will remain closed until further notice, so if customers typically pay in person, there are a number of quick, easy, and convenient ways for them to pay their monthly utility bill remotely. These include:

• Online at www.BPU.com – available 24 hours a day, seven days a week using a credit card or savings or checking account. Available in English and Spanish, payments are posted immediately.

• By phone – dial 1-855-278-2455 (1-855-BPU-BILL), using a credit-debit card or savings/checking account.

• Auto-withdrawal – automatic bank draft allows your payment to be automatically withdrawn from your savings or checking account on a monthly basis. To enroll please go online at bpu.com or call 913-573-9190.

• U.S. mail – mail your payment to BPU at P.O. Box 219661, Kansas City, MO 64121-9661 in the return envelope provided with your monthly bill.

• Self-service payment kiosks and payment drop box – available 24/7, inside the BPU entrance doors located at 540 Minnesota Ave., KCK.

• Grocery store pay site kiosks in the greater Kansas City area. Visit https://www.bpu.com/portals/0/pdf/billing-kiosk-locations-charts-vers-2.pdf for a list.

Also, BPU has temporarily waived fees to use PaySite kiosks to make payments. PaySite kiosks accept cash and checks.

Even though utility disconnects were temporarily suspended, customers continued to receive reminders, including collection notices and calls as these notifications are important to remind customers of past-due balances and status of their accounts, the spokesman stated.

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