Candidates meet-and-greet at Klamm Park

Candidates for several offices on the ballot on Nov. 5 in Kansas City, Kansas, met voters at an event Saturday at Klamm Park, Cleveland Avenue and North 22nd Street, Kansas City, Kansas. The event was sponsored by the candidates. (Staff photo)
Attending a meet-and-greet event on Saturday at Klamm Park were, left to right, Christian Ramirez, who is running for Unified Government commissioner, 2nd District; Brandie Armstrong, who is not a candidate; Tscher Manck, who is running for Wyandotte County register of deeds; LaRon Thompson, a candidate for Board of Public Utilities, 1st District; and Gary Bradley-Lopez, a candidate for the Kansas City, Kansas, Board of Education. (Staff photo)
Candidate Jammie Johnson, left, running for the Kansas City Kansas Community College Board of Trustees; Kevin White; and Randy Lopez, right, running for the Kansas City, Kansas, Board of Education; attended a candidate meeting-and-greet event Oct. 12 at Klamm Park. (Staff photo)
Frieda Tresvan, left, and Hatti L. Smith, right, candidates for the Kansas City, Kansas, Board of Education, attended a candidate meet-and-greet event Saturday at Klamm Park. (Staff photo)

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