Carlin stumps for Svaty in KCK

Josh Svaty, a Democratic candidate for governor, held a campaign event on Saturday near the Eisenhower Park area in Kansas City, Kansas. (Staff photo)

by Mary Rupert

Former Gov. John Carlin visited Wyandotte County on Saturday to endorse John Svaty, a Democratic candidate for governor.

“The future of Kansas is on the ballot Tuesday and in November,” former Gov. Carlin said in a speech to a group of about 27 persons outdoors at the Eisenhower Park area near North 72nd Street and Yecker Avenue. “If this doesn’t come out right, we’re screwed.”

Those attending the event had the opportunity to vote early afterward at the Eisenhower Recreation Center, which was more than 250 feet away from the rally.

Carlin asked campaign volunteers to make every contact with voters positive.

“It’s going to be close,” Carlin said. “It’s one of those elections where every vote does count.”

Svaty can win in November, Carlin said, and he can deliver in January. He said Svaty is a leader who can get things done in office.

During a speech, Svaty said those who win the primary election Aug. 7 would be starting over because the candidates have spent their money in the primary.

“It’s been a long time, since 2008, since we’ve had a statewide race or a Congressional victory for Democrats,” Svaty said. The young Democrats who want to be on a staff have no options other than leaving the state or serving as unpaid interns to legislators.

“It is time we help build the bench,” he said.

Svaty said his campaign workers, some of whom are former Gov. Carlin’s campaign team, are extremely dedicated, know the state well and worked for a governor “who got a ton of stuff done.”

Svaty said Wyandotte County holds great potential, especially eastern Wyandotte County, in the next 10 years, but it will take the right person to make sure it is done right, and make sure that everyone works toward opportunity together.

Svaty said that turning out as many voters as possible is his challenge now, and making sure people know who they are.

He said his campaign feels good about Wyandotte County, with the endorsements of Rep. Tom Burroughs, Rep. Louis Ruiz and Rep. Pam Curtis recently, and with Gov. Carlin’s endorsement.

Svaty was confident about winning and said he felt good about the votes here, in Johnson County and Wichita.

Joshua Svaty, a Democratic candidate for governor, spoke at a campaign rally Saturday at Eisenhower Park in Kansas City, Kansas. (Staff photo)
Former Gov. John Carlin addressed a campaign rally for Joshua Svaty Saturday afternoon near Eisenhower Park in Kansas City, Kansas. (Staff photo)
Former Gov. John Carlin, right, attended a campaign rally for Joshua Svaty on Saturday at Eisenhower Park in Kansas City, Kansas. (Staff photo)
A group of people attending the Joshua Svaty rally posed for a photo after the rally. (Staff photo)
State Rep. Pam Curtis, right, who formerly worked for Gov. John Carlin, visited with him at the campaign event Saturday for Joshua Svaty. (Staff photo)

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