Bonner Springs

Kansas City, Kan., Public Schools
Monday, March 23
Pizza, corn, French fries, mandarin oranges.
Tuesday, March 24
Soft tacos, romaine and tomato, tortilla chips and salsa (9-12), refried beans, pineapple tidbits.
Wednesday, March 25
Chicken tenders, roll, jelly, baby carrots, salad, sliced apples.
Thursday, March 26
Chicken and noodles, grape tomatoes, broccoli, roll, jelly (9-12), banana.
Friday, March 27
French toast sticks, sausage patty, hash brown patty, green beans, fruit cocktail.
Alternative lunch entrees include chef’s salad, fruit salad or yogurt muffin basket. Vegetarian options are available on request. Milk offered with all meals.

Turner Public Schools

Monday, March 23
No school.
Tuesday, March 24
Crispy chicken on bun.
Wednesday, March 25
Burrito or soft taco, cinnamon roll.
Thursday, March 26
Breaded mozzarella cheese sticks with dip, muffin.
Friday, March 27
Cheese or pepperoni pizza, cookie.
Additional lunch entrée choices: Yogurt platter, peanut butter nad jelly platter. Milk offered with all meals. Fruit and veggies bar offered with all meals.

Piper Public Schools
Monday, March 23
Hot dog on a bun; barbecued rib on bun, broccoli with dip, sweet potato fries, pineapple, rosy applesauce; turkey chef salad, peas, pineapple, rosy applesauce, blueberry fruit muffin.
Tuesday, March 24
Oparrito; chili with cornbread, garden salad, bean bake, mandarin oranges, banana; taco salad, bean bake, mandarin oranges, banana, cornbread.
Wednesday, March 25
Chicken patty – grilled chicken; roast turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, broccoli carrot mix, tropical fruit, peaches and roll; chicken Caesar salad, baby carrots with dip, tropical fruit, peaches, roll and crackers.
Thursday, March 26
Barbecue mac and cheese; chicken nuggets with Italian bread, green beans, salad, cherry tomatoes, banana, pears, Italian bread; Italian chef salad, cherry tomatoes, banana, pears.
Friday, March 27
Pepperoni pizza; Hawaiian barbecue chicken wrap, roasted vegetables, corn, Caesar side salad, cinnamon apple slices, orange smiles; popcorn chicken salad, corn, cinnamon apple slices, orange smiles, fruit streusel muffin.

Bonner Springs Public Schools
Monday, March 23
No school.
Tuesday, March 24
Chicken strips; soft tacos, beans, salad, fruit, rosy applesauce; taco salad, beans, fruit, applesauce, cornbread.
Wednesday, March 25
Chicken patty – grilled chicken; homestyle meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, fruit, pears, roll; chicken Caesar salad, corn, fruit, pears, roll.
Thursday, March 26
Opaarito; barbecued pork carnitas, salad, friens, fruit, orange pineapple mix; Cobb salad, fruit, orange pineapple mix, fruit streusel muffin.

All meals from all districts subject to change.

Several Wyandotte County students have been named to the honor roll for fall 2014 at Emporia State University.

The students on the honor roll:

Areli Aguilar of Kansas City, Kan.
Hannah Baughman of Kansas City, Kan.
Kelly Chastain of Kansas City, Kan.
Kathryn Christwell of Kansas City, Kan.
Luciano Fasani of Kansas City, Kan.
Alyssa Grissom of Kansas City, Kan.
Cathleen Grissom of Kansas City, Kan.)
Mandy Hagen of Bonner Springs, Kan.
Raymond Horvat of Kansas City, Kan.
Tiara Jones of Kansas City, Kan.
Kendall Lee of Kansas City, Kan.
Brenda Mesmer of Bonner Springs, Kan.
Samantha Osiek of Kansas City, Kan.
Juan Reyes of Kansas City, Kan.
Kaleb Sauer of Kansas City, Kan.)
Ashley Sikorski of Kansas City, Kan.
Sarah Stella of Kansas City, Kan.
Dawn Todd of Kansas City, Kan.
Bruce VanCleave of Kansas City, Kan.
Tayler Wash of Kansas City, Kan.
Tyler Whaley of Kansas City, Kan.
Tamika Williams of Kansas City, Kan.

To qualify for the semester honor roll, students must earn a minimum 3.80 semester grade point average in at least 12 graded hours.

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