Red Cross says blood donations needed in hurricane’s wake

Residents are urged to give blood to help in the wake of Hurricane Florence, according to the American Red Cross.

Nearly 200 Red Cross blood drives in the Southeast were forced to cancel, resulting in more than 5,200 uncollected blood and platelet donations, according to a spokesman.

One upcoming Red Cross blood drive in Wyandotte County will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Oct. 3 at Wyandot Inc., 1301 N. 47th St., Kansas City, Kansas.

Appointments can be made by using the Blood Donor app, visiting or calling 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).


Fundraiser held Saturday for LRA

Taylor Clark with daughters at the Leavenworth Road Association fundraiser Saturday. (Photo from Lou Braswell)

by Lou Braswell

Thanks to all those that bought tickets and stopped in for tacos Saturday at the Leavenworth Road Association fundraiser at the FOP Lodge on Leavenworth Road.

We consider our fundraiser as successful as we had over 60 stopping by to eat and linger to visit.

Firefighters from a local station stopped by to eat, they had just filled their plate, sat down with their food, dessert and drink when their radios sounded with “call to duty.” We did wrap their selections up to wait for their return. We salute our first responders as they protect our city and citizens.

Thanks to Dave at Johnnie’s West, Happy Foods North and the FOP Hall, Lodge 4.

During the event, we gained a new member, made contacts for our upcoming Halloween event at Eisenhower Center, 2901 N. 72nd, with Multiply Church. A gym full of activities for the kids, that also amazes the adults, plus treat tables by local neighborhood groups, organizations, churches, and businesses, all adds up to “Safe Halloween Fun.”

Watch for more information soon.
Lou Braswell is the executive director of the Leavenworth Road Association.

Yes, there were lines at the Leavenworth Road Association fundraiser on Saturday. (Photo from Lou Braswell)
Some firefighters dropped by the Leavenworth Road Association fundraiser before being called away on Saturday. (Photo from Lou Braswell)

UG administrator gives county budget presentation in Bonner Springs

Unified Government Administrator Doug Bach gave a county budget presentation Monday evening at the George Meyn Community Center, Bonner Springs. (Photo by William Crum)

by William Crum

About 30 people, including the mayors of Bonner Springs, Edwardsville and Kansas City, Kansas, attended a presentation Monday night on the Wyandotte County budget.

The presentation was held at the George Meyn Community Center, Bonner Springs.

Doug Bach, UG administrator, spoke about the Wyandotte County budget, which was passed Aug. 2. The Wyandotte County mill levy rate remains the same at 38.880, while valuations have increased an average of 7.9 percent.

Bonner Springs Mayor Jeff Harrington, Edwardsville Mayor John McTaggart and Kansas City, Kansas, Mayor David Alvey attended the meeting.

Four members of the Edwardsville City Council and four members of the Bonner Springs City Council attended the meeting. Only a few questions were asked at the meeting.

The budget presentation included a slide on actions affecting revenue generation. (Photo by William Crum)
Budgeted expenditures were the topic of another slide. (Photo by William Crum)
Mayors, from top, John McTaggart, David Alvey and Jeff Harrington attended the budget presentation Monday evening. (Photo by William Crum)
About $5.3 million was budgeted for public safety for 2019, according to this slide. (Photo by William Crum)
County revenues were divided by fund category. (Photo by William Crum)