Hand sanitizer recalled

A nationwide recall of Saniderm Advanced Hand Sanitizer was announced because of the potential of undeclared methanol or wood alcohol.

According to a company announcement, 38,830 liters of the hand sanitizer, packaged in 1-liter bottles, are being recalled.

A number of side effects from possible methanol exposure were listed, including nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, blindness, seizures, coma, damage to the nervous system and death.

Young children who accidentally ingest the products and adolescents and adults who drink it as an alcohol substitute are most at risk for methanol poisoning, according to the news release. There have not been any reported incidents related to the recall.

The lot number of the product is 0530, and the expiration date is 04/2022. It was distributed nationwide. The product should be returned to the place of purchase.

For more information, visit https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts/uvt-inc-issues-voluntary-nationwide-recall-saniderm-advanced-hand-sanitizer-due-potential-presence.

In addition, the FDA has advised consumers not to use any hand sanitizer manufactured by Eskbiochem SA de CV in Mexico, due to the potential presence of methanol (wood alcohol), a substance that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested.

Gas price war

Remember the gas price wars of the 1960s? A new Ameristar gas station opened recently near 55th and Leavenworth Road, sparking a gas price war with a gas station across the street on Wednesday. Gas prices went from 69 cents a gallon to 65 cents, and then to 45 cents a gallon on Wednesday. Traffic was backed up onto Leavenworth Road. They returned to normal levels on Thursday. (Photos by Lacey Watson)

Kansas reopens energy assistance fund

Kansas is accepting applications for the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program during the coming weeks to address COVID-19 needs.

Low income-families may submit applications until 5 p.m. Friday, May 29.

Kansas energy customers can apply for LIEAP program funds on the Kansas Department for Children and Families Energy Assistance website. Applicants will need utility account numbers, proof of income and Social Security numbers for all members of their household.

“We have customers in need of help right now and are pleased funds may be available to them with reopening the LIEAP applications window,” said David Mehlhaff, BPU chief communications officer. “When we are connecting with our customers to provide helpful resources and services, sharing information about LIEAP and assisting with applications is a meaningful way to help, especially now when times are challenging for so many.”

In response to the challenging times, in March the Kansas City, Kansas, Board of Public Utilities suspended disconnects of utility service for non-payment and extended this temporary moratorium through May 31.

LIEAP is a federally funded program that helps eligible households pay a portion of their home energy costs by providing a one-time per year benefit.

Typically, LIEAP is available in the fall and winter months, but the coronavirus situation has prompted the Kansas Department for Children and Families to reopen the application window through May 29.

Normally, LIEAP provides an annual benefit to help qualifying households pay winter heating bills. Persons with disabilities, older adults and families with children are the primary groups assisted.

To qualify, applicants must be responsible for direct payment of their heating bills. The level of benefit varies according to household income, number of people living in the home, type of residence, type of heating fuel and utility rates. Eligibility is based on an applicant’s heating bill. If an applicant needs assistance covering electric costs, they need to request the benefit be split between the two utilities.

To learn more about eligibility requirements or fill out a LIEAP application, visit the Kansas Department for Children and Families website or call 1-800-432-0043. LIEAP applications on the Kansas Department for Children and Families website became available beginning May 1, 2020.

Customers are encouraged to stay current with their bills to avoid getting too far behind and if anyone has any BPU billing or customer service questions, they can call 913-573-9190 and a utility representative is available to assist.

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