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Kremer runs for UG Commission, 5th District

Sarah Kremer

Sarah Kremer, 37, is a candidate for the Unified Government Commission, 5th District.

A vice president of accounting for Belger Cartage Service, Kremer is a certified public accountant and a certified management accountant.

Kremer said she had never thought about running for office before last year. With small children in her family, she said she became interested in the question of why Piper doesn’t have a library, since the closest one was on 82nd Street. While Bonner Springs and Basehor have libraries, Piper doesn’t have one, she noticed.

Some of the people in the Piper community feel that they are not represented very well, Kremer said. She said she believes with her background in accounting and finance, she could make a difference.

“At the commission level, I just thought I could be the person who could do that,” she said.

The most important issue currently in Piper to her is getting another school building, because the Piper district has outgrown its current school and is using trailers, she said. A bond issue came up for a vote, but has been voted down, and Kremer said she has been interested in moving it forward.

She said she believes that as a UG commissioner, she could work together with other boards to try to get things done in the community. She said she believes in a team effort toward getting things done.

“I think education is a huge thing, county-wide, to make sure the kids have the opportunities for the best education we can give them so we can give them the education they need to get better jobs, work or stay in the community and come back,” she said.

She said she would like to work toward lowering property taxes, and to do that, the community needs to keep economic development going to increase the tax base.

“I want people in our community to have better and more jobs,” Kremer said. “I feel we need to bring more companies in. If they have unions, that’s great. We just don’t have a lot of opportunity.”

She said she has noticed the advances in economic development that have taken place over the past few decades here, and wants to help push it forward.

Kremer also would like to see more trails and more parks in the Piper area. Wyandotte County Lake Park at 91st and Leavenworth Road is east of the Piper area, and there isn’t much else in the way of parks in Piper, she noted.

Kremer, who grew up in Iowa, has a bachelor’s degree from Emporia State University with an accounting emphasis.

She previously was an outsourcing consultant in the tax department for BKD LLP. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Missouri Society of CPAs and the Institute of Management Accountants.

She serves as treasurer of the Byrd’s Parent Booster Club, and is a member of the Piper Elementary Site Council. She is also an elementary ministry teacher at Vineyard Church of Piper.

The 5th District seat is currently held by incumbent Mike Kane. Also running for UG Commission, 5th District, is John T. Fotovich.

The primary election is Aug. 1, and the general election is Nov. 7.

Kremer said she has been attending meetings of groups throughout the 5th District, and is planning to hold a fundraiser and meet-and-greet from 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, June 13, at The Dotte Spot, 8123 Parallel Parkway, Kansas City, Kansas. She will be available to answer questions about her campaign, listen to concerns and sign up volunteers.


Filing deadline passes; candidate list expands for election in Wyandotte County

The candidate filing deadline passed at noon Thursday, June 1, and a list of candidates was posted around 3 p.m. by the Wyandotte County Election Commissioner’s office.

The primary election will be Aug. 1 and the general election will be Nov. 7.

Five candidates are running for mayor-CEO of the Unified Government. They include Incumbent Mayor Mark Holland, as well as David Alvey, a Board of Public Utilities member; State Sen. David Haley; D. Keith Jordan; and Janice Grant Witt.

Running for the Unified Government, at-large, District 2, are Tom Burroughs, currently a state representative, and John “J.D.” Rios, currently chair of the Kansas City Kansas Community College trustees.

Running for UG Commissioner, 1st District, are Incumbent Commissioner Gayle E. Townsend and Victor A. Harris.

Running for UG Commissioner, 5th District, are Incumbent Commissioner Mike Kane, Sarah Kremer, and John Fotovich.

Candidates for UG Commissioner, 7th District, include Incumbent Commissioner Jim Walters, Jim A. Gibson and George Cooper.

Candidates for UG Commissioner, 8th District, include Incumbent Commissioner Jane W. Philbrook, Brad Isnard and Kendon McClaine.

Running for Wyandotte County Sheriff are Incumbent Sheriff Don Ash, Charles W. Bunnell, Marvin L. Main, Celisha Towers and Victor Webb.

Running for the Board of Public Utilities, District 2, is incumbent Thomas W. Groneman.

Candidates for BPU member, at large position 1, include incumbent Mary Gonzales, Kevin Braun, Bryan Messmer and Nikole C. Owens.

Running for BPU member, at large position 2, are Ryan Eidson and John C. Martindale.

For the KCKCC Board of Trustees, regular term, the candidates are Evelyn Criswell, Thomas G. Earp, Colton J. Gibson, Linda Hoskins Sutton, Janice L. McIntyre, Leslie Smith, and Christal Watson.

Running for the KCKCC Board of Trustees, unexpired terms, are Rosalyn K. Brown and Tyrone Garner, both current KCKCC trustees.

Running for the Kansas City, Kansas, Board of Education, District 500, regular term, are Incumbent Irene Caudillo, Maxine Drew, Wanda Brownlee Paige, Joseph A. Straws III, Stacy Yeager, and Maria Cecilia Ysaac.

Running for the Kansas City, Kansas, Board of Education, District 500, unexpired terms are Incumbent Rick Behrens, Incumbent Janey Humphries, Harold Brown and Korri Hall Thompson.

Running for the Turner School Board, District 202, regular term, are Incumbent Joy D. Beery, Incumbent Jeff Davidson, Incumbent Steve Russell and Daniel Soptic.

Running for the Piper School Board, District 203, regular term, are Incumbent Desiree Fergus, John Bakarich III, Benjamin J. Bradley, Theresa Fisette and Jesse Smith.

Candidates for the Bonner Springs School Board, District 204, regular term, include Incumbent Kimberly Beets, Incumbent Jeff Tinberg, and Incumbent David J. Toland, and John H. Claxton.

Running for the Bonner Springs City Council are Incumbent Rodger Shannon, Jordan M. Mackey, Patricia E. Welicky, Tom Stephens, and Joe Peterson.

Running for Edwardsville mayor is Incumbent Mayor John “Tiny” McTaggart.

Running for Edwardsville City Council are Incumbent Jason T. Gillam, Incumbent Margaret Shriver, and Carolyn Caiharr.


Haley files for mayor

Sen. David Haley

State Sen. David Haley, D-4th Dist., has filed for mayor-CEO of Kansas City, Kansas, and Wyandotte County.

Sen. Haley said he made the decision to file after considered evaluation. His over-arching concern in running for mayor is to “lift the county as we grow,” he said.

He said his second concern is greater transparency and accountability for the local government, not only the Unified Government but also the Board of Public Utilities.

He said he favors growth in the entire county, not just one part of it.

Sen. Haley ran for mayor previously, around 20 years ago, making it past the primary. Carol Marinovich was elected mayor in the general election that year.

“I am very confident in the leadership of Mark Holland, in the leadership of David Alvey, to represent our county well,” Sen. Haley said about two others of the five running for mayor. “However, I want to be the translation to the majority of Wyandotte Countians who don’t quite understand why we are not seeing growth and opportunity in other villages in our county, besides Village West.”

Sen. Haley has served 23 years in the Kansas Legislature, including six in the House and 17 in the Senate, where he is currently the only senator who is an attorney. He has had several bills passed in the Senate. The Legislature is still in session currently. If elected mayor, Haley said he would step down from the Senate.

“When elected mayor, I will immediately look to find a committed replacement to the Senate seat,” he said, and added he would not leave the seat vacant but would work to ensure continuity in representation.

Sen. Haley said one of his issues would be the enhancement of Wyandotte County’s image. He is in favor of using some of the windfall revenues from the Village West area to grow the entire county, he said. He also would favor a gradual facelift for the downtown area as well as other areas, particularly eastern and southern accesses in and out of the county, he said.

Sen. Haley said there is now a brief window of opportunity to make an aggressive use of the windfall revenues to return revenue to the county. He discussed helping small businesses, and said he would be supportive of offering incentives to some local small businesses.

If elected, he said he would work with the tools that already exist to take abandoned properties and put them in responsible parties’ hands, working with the property owners to acquire those properties. He said there were some strong and good initiatives started in this administration and former administrations that need to be continued and built upon.

“I’ve really, truly loved this county and its diversity,” Sen. Haley said. “I believe in Wyandotte County’s vote.”

Haley, a native of Wyandotte County, has a bachelor’s degree from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga., and a law degree from Howard University Law School. He worked as an assistant district attorney in Wyandotte County before he began his political career. His father, the late George Haley, is a former state senator and former assistant city attorney, who later served as a U.S. ambassador. His mother taught English and drama at Sumner High School and Northeast Junior High School.

Candidates who have filed for mayor, besides Haley, include incumbent Mayor Mark Holland, David Alvey, D. Keith Jordan and Janice Witt. The filing deadline is noon Thursday, June 1.