Two state legislators advance to general election in BPU contests

Two state legislators who ran for the Board of Public Utilities advanced to the general election on Tuesday night.

The primary election had a 9.3 percent turnout. In some precincts, there were only two contests on the ballot.

Unofficial results showed that State Sen. David Haley and State Rep. Stan Frownfelter led in the BPU, at large position 3 and the BPU, District 3, contests.

Haley, who had 2,400 votes, will face Rose Mulvany Henry, who received 1,607 votes. The general election for BPU, at large position 3, will be Nov. 5. Norm Scott was third with 1,067 votes.

Frownfelter, who had 653 votes, will face incumbent Jeff Bryant, who had 465 votes, in the BPU, 3rd District contest.

Incumbent Commissioner Melissa Brune Bynum will face Mark Gilstrap in the general election, in a rematch of the 2015 contest. She received 2,709 votes to Gilstrap’s 1,351 in tonight’s primary. Gilstrap is a former state senator.

Incumbent Commissioner Ann Brandau Murguia led the 3rd District contest with 382 votes, with Christian Ramirez in second place with 234.

In the 4th District, Incumbent Commissioner Harold Johnson had 313 votes to Jorge Luis Flores’ 231 votes. Challenger Tarence Maddox, a former commissioner, had 203 votes and did not advance to the general election.

Incumbent Robert “Bob” Milan led all candidates in the BPU, District 1, contest, with 1,282 votes. LaRon Thompson advanced to the general election with 750 votes.

The primary results are unofficial. According to the election office, there will be an audit of at least two races and two precincts for this election, beginning at 9 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 8, at the election office. Then, the Board of Canvassers will meet to certify the election.

Unofficial primary election results
With 105 precincts of 105 counted
Registered voters total 76,664
Ballots cast 7,130
Voter turnout 9.3 percent

UG Commissioner at large, District 1
Melissa Brune Bynum (i) 2,709
Mark Gilstrap 1,351
Steven James 612

UG Commissioner, District 3
Mary V. Gerlt 171
Ann Murguia (i) 382
Christian A. Ramirez 234

UG Commissioner, District 4
Jorge Luis Flores 231
Harold Johnson (I) 313
Tarence L. Maddox 203

BPU, at large, Position 3
Chiquita C. Coggs 569
David Haley 2,400
Rose Mulvany Henry 1,607
Melissa Oropeza-Vail 638
Faith L. Rivera 617
Norman D. Scott (i) 1,067

BPU, District 1
Robert “Bob” Milan (i) 1,282
Ken Snyder 406
LaRon Thompson 750

BPU, District 3
Jeff Bryant (i) 465
Aaron Coleman 229
Dustin K. Dye 312
Stan S. Frownfelter 653

(i) stands for incumbent

Incumbents leading, except in two contests, in early returns

Early returns, with 12 of 28 polling places reporting, for the most part show the incumbents leading the primary contests, with a couple of exceptions.

The exceptions are in races involving state legislators seeking BPU offices.

With only partial results reported, in the BPU, at large position 3 contest, State Sen. David Haley is in the lead, followed by Rose Mulvany Henry. In third place is incumbent Norman Scott.

In the BPU, District 3 contest, Rep. Stan Frownfelter is in the lead, with incumbent Jeff Bryant in second place.

Both state legislators have high name recognition after several years of being elected to state offices.

Incumbent UG Commissioners Melissa Bynum, Ann Murguia and Harold Johnson are fending off competition in early returns.

Unofficial, preliminary primary election results
With 12 of 28 polling places reporting
Registered voters total 76,664
Ballots cast 4,644

UG Commissioner at large, District 1
Melissa Brune Bynum (i) 1,691
Mark Gilstrap 873
Steven James 382

UG Commissioner, District 3
Mary V. Gerlt 101
Ann Murguia (i) 213
Christian A. Ramirez 126

UG Commissioner, District 4
Jorge Luis Flores 176
Harold Johnson (I) 256
Tarence L. Maddox 159

BPU, at large, Position 3
Chiquita C. Coggs 308
David Haley 1,567
Rose Mulvany Henry 1,096
Melissa Oropeza-Vail 405
Faith L. Rivera 390
Norman D. Scott (i) 717

BPU, District 1
Robert “Bob” Milan (i) 889
Ken Snyder 267
LaRon Thompson 475

BPU, District 3
Jeff Bryant (i) 3 05
Aaron Coleman 148
Dustin K. Dye 205
Stan S. Frownfelter 477

(i) Stands for incumbent

Polls open today until 7 p.m.

Polls are open today from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the municipal primary election in Kansas City, Kansas.

Voters should go to their assigned polling places to vote.

There are six contests on the primary ballot for this election, but because some of them are in districts, voters will see fewer contests on their individual ballots.

Candidates running in the Aug. 6 primary election include:
• Unified Government Commissioner at large, 1st District: Incumbent Melissa Brune Bynum, Mark Gilstrap and Steven James.
• UG Commissioner, 3rd District: Incumbent Ann Murguia, Mary V. Gerlt and Christian A. Ramirez.
• UG Commissioner, 4th District: Incumbent Harold Johnson, Joseph Luis Flores and Tarence L. Maddox.
• Board of Public Utilities, 1st District: Incumbent Robert “Bob” Milan, Ken Snyder and LaRon Thompson.
• Board of Public Utilities, 3rd District: Incumbent Jeff Bryant, Aaron Coleman, Dustin K. Dye and Stan S. Frownfelter.
• Board of Public Utilities, at large position 3: Incumbent Norman D. Scott, Chiquita C. Coggs, David Haley, Rose Mulvany Henry, Melissa Oropeza-Vail and Faith L. Rivera.

For more information about the candidates, visit the Wyandotte Daily’s Election 2019 stories at, or see the candidate forums on the KCKCC YouTube channel at

More details about voting are at

Voters with questions about their polling places may contact the Wyandotte County Election Office at or 913-573-8500.