KCKCC opens new art gallery

by Kelly Rogge

Kansas City Kansas Community College now has its own art venue, The Gallery, for students, faculty, staff and community members to enjoy.

“The idea for an Art Gallery has been raised as a possibility for many generations of employees and community members. Each time the plan has hit a financial snag,” said Curtis V. Smith, professor of biological sciences and secretary for the Campus Art Committee at KCKCC. “The successful plan for this gallery was to do it very inexpensively in a room that held a hodgepodge of outdated unwanted furnishings.”

The Gallery, which is in what was previously known as the Private Dining Room in Lower Jewell, opened in early May. Smith said the pieces of fine art have been donated to KCKCC over the years and have been stored in the closets of the Intercultural Center. He said most of the art in the present exhibition is by retired faculty from colleges and universities in the Midwest region, including KCKCC.

“The art work for the permanent exhibition was selected by the Campus Art Committee,” he said. “It represents the best stored art and four other works of art that were moved in from around campus that tied in nicely to create the theme of works by renowned retired art faculty of Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.”

Pieces on display in the Gallery include:

• Mexican Domestic I and II by Ernst Ulmer (1913-2009) watercolor 10”X 12” 1998.
• Winter Evening by Robert Sudlow (1932-2010) oil on paper 21” X 18” 1992. Robert Sudlow was a professor of art at the University of Kansas from 1947-1987.
• Confluence of Rivers by Norma Cowdrick, Giclee lithograph 20”X 28” 1989. Norma is a Kansas City native who was a professor of art at KCKCC from 2000-2011.
• Foliage by Wilbur Niewald, oil on canvas 29”X35” 1991.
• Untitled 1-10 by Jim Leedy, textured oil and acrylic on paper 36”X 50” 1990. Jim is the “father of the Crossroads Arts District” in downtown Kansas City.
• Road Runner by James Mirick, acrylic on paper 35”X 27” 1964.
• Morning Rises by James Mirick, acrylic on paper 35”X 28” 1968. Jim taught art full-time at KCKCC from 1965 to 1999.
• Oriental Masterprint-12 and 6 Ed. 20 by Roger Shimomura, silk screen 20” X 20” 1975. Shimomura’s paintings, prints and theatre pieces address sociopolitical issues of ethnicity.
• Id, Ego, Supergo by George Rousis three concrete and kinetic forged steel sculptures 7 ft. X 3 ft. 2009.
• Japanese Wedding Kimono
• Diet Sprite by Jerry Oliver Wilkerson (1943-2007) oil on canvas 14″X 12” 1992. Jerry Wilkerson was a St. Louis, Missouri artist known for his contemporary pointillistic style of painting.
• Donna’s Canvas by Leroy W. Allen (1951-2007) oil on canvas 14”X 19” 1994.
• Maasai Warrior by Catherine Mahoney, oil on canvas 50” X 40” 2008.
• Jazz Sentinels by Catherine Mahoney, oil on canvas 50” X 40” 2010.
• Grace by Beatrice Brooks, watercolor 20” X 28” watercolor 1991. According to J. Paul Jewel’s “History of KCKCC” Brooks’s watercolor was one of the first works of art purchased by a college art committee in 1993.
• Swing by Jõse Faus, spray acrylic on paper 73” X 44” 2013. Jose Faus is a Kansas City area poet, painter and sculptor.
• Anita by Richard Mattsson, oil on canvas 20” X14” 1992. Richard Mattsson recently retired as a Professor of Art from the Kansas City Art Institute where he taught many students from 1965 to 2013.
• Quindaro Underground Railroad Sketch by John Newman, watercolor 20″ X 14” 2008. John retired after 22 years as Professor of Art at the University of Arkansas in 2012 and was an art instructor at KCKCC in 1984. In 2009 he was selected by the Campus Art Committee to complete three 13×7 foot oil paintings on canvas that reflect his interpretation of the history of the Underground Railroad in Quindaro, Kan. The three large oils are located just to the west of the KCKCC Gallery Room in the Lower Level Science Building.
• Pea Soup by Ion Paleologue, oil on canvas 6” X 9” 1962. As a former KCKCC art faculty member from 1973 to 1984, Ion taught watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, sculpture and silk screening.

The hours of the KCKCC art gallery have not yet been determined. However, Smith said it will most likely be staffed by a student worker from the ICC and open two to three days each week. The Gallery can also be reserved for meetings of up to 10 people. However, no food will be allowed in The Gallery.

“The main reason a campus art gallery is needed is because visual art is priceless,” Smith said. “It represents the finest of what humankind has to offer educationally, spiritually, socially, culturally, emotionally, psychologically and visually. Art represents who we are, where we have been, and where we are going. Visual art is at the core of our community culture.”

A college spokesman said The Gallery Room would not have completed without the efforts of Buildings and Grounds; Barbara Clark-Evans, director of the Intercultural Center and members of the Campus Art Committee. Campus Art Committee members include: Eva Bett, Tammy Fuller, Pam Louis, Beth Lurey, Rob Crane, Mayre Hoffman, Karen Hernandez, Jennifer Gieschen, Ruben Noguera, Brian Patrick, Paul Hemmerla, Tom Besgrove, Valerie Bashaw, Polly Plain, David Breneman, Ted Wilson, Melanie Scott, Hira Nair, Tom Hall, Anila Deliu, Doris Givens, Brian Bode and Cherilee Walker.

Applications open for KCKCC Endowment Association scholarships

by Kelly Rogge

Looking for a way to pay for your college education? There is still time to apply for a scholarship provided by the Kansas City Kansas Community College Endowment Association.

The Endowment Association awards scholarships to KCKCC students annually ranging from $250 to full-ride scholarships. These funds can be used for paying tuition or purchasing textbooks and are awarded based on academic qualifications as well as other scholarship criteria.

Scholarships offered by the Endowment Association include:
• Frank and Doris Schlagle Scholarship – Up to $1,500 per semester and covers tuition, fees and required textbooks for six to 15 credit hours per semester. It is renewable as long as a student maintains at least a 3.25 grade point average and completes all courses taken. Preference is given to those who live in Wyandotte and Leavenworth. Applicants must be pursuing an associate degree or certificate from KCKCC.
• Frank and Doris Schlagle Scholarship Tier 2 – The scholarship covers tuition and fees only for six to 15 credit hours per semester. It is renewable if a student maintains at least a 3.0 GPA and completes all courses taken.
• Assurant Employee Benefits Scholarship for Students with Disabilities – $500 per semester and students must be physically, intellectually or learning disability to be eligible.
• Ed and Ione Trapp Veterinary Scholarship – $500 per semester and must be a declared pre-veterinary medicine major. Applicants must also be residents of Wyandotte or Leavenworth County.
• Etta Blanche Smith Dahlgren Scholarship – up to $1,000 per semester and applicants must be an elementary education major.
• Gingrich Family Scholarship – students must be a single parent majoring in the Allied Health program to be eligible. Amount will be determined by the family.
• John Stocksen Memorial Scholarship – business majors are eligible and amount will be determined by family.
• Thomas and Teresa Sullivan Scholarship – up to $1,000 per semester and computer information systems or mathematics majors are eligible.
• William Nelson Nicoll Jr. Scholarship – $500 per semester.
• Wyandotte County Association of Retired School Personnel – up to $1,000 per semester. Second year education majors are eligible.
• Wyandotte High School Class of ’55 – Applicants must be graduates of Wyandotte High School. It is renewable for up to three semesters.
• Rita M. Ahart Nursing Scholarship – $500 to $1,000 per semester. Applicants must be a seeking a degree in the KCKCC nursing program and be a Wyandotte County resident. Amount of award to be determined by the Ahart family.

Students applying for most scholarships, other than the Frank and Doris Schlagle Scholarship, must have at least a 3.0 GPA or meet GED test scores that have been established. If applying for one of the Frank and Doris Schlagle Scholarship, students must have at least a 3.25 GPA to qualify.

To apply, a one page essay detailing degree/career plans and a transcript must be submitted with completed scholarship application. The deadline is June 1.

For more information or to apply, visit the KCKCC Endowment Association on the KCKCC main campus, 7250 State Ave. Information is also available by calling 913-288-7675 or sending an email to Dawanna Fangohr at dfangohr@kckcc.edu. Copies of the application are available in the Endowment Association and Financial Aid office. Scholarship applications can also be submitted through the KCKCC website at www.kckcc.edu/services/collegeAdvancement/endowmentAssociation/schlagleScholarship.aspx.

KCKCC’s Samantha Hurst overcomes injury to earn scholarship

With her father, Roger Hurst, as a witness, Kansas City Kansas Community College sophomore guard Samantha Hurst signed a letter of intent to attend Northwest Missouri State University. (KCKCC photo)

by Alan Hoskins
Nearly six months of countless hours of rehabilitative work has paid big dividends for Kansas City Kansas Community College basketball guard Samantha Hurst.

Sidelined by a torn articular cartilage in her right knee 10 games into the 2013-2014 Lady Blue Devil season, Hurst’s intensive rehabilitative work from micro-fracture surgery has earned her a scholarship to continue her basketball career at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville.

“I felt comfortable when I visited there,” Hurst said. “The environment and atmosphere of the town was awesome; everyone I came in contact with – the coaches, instructors and others on the staff – were very willing to help in whatever way was needed.”

It’s an opportunity Hurst was not sure she’d ever get when she went down in the first eight minutes of the Blue Devils’ home game against Central Methodist Dec. 2.

“I was never afraid I wouldn’t play but I was nervous I would not get the looks I wanted.”

Fortunately, Central Methodist had seen Hurst prior to the injury when she was leading the Blue Devils to a 9-1 start with the only loss at No. 1 ranked North Iowa 91-87. The Blue Devils’ leading scorer at the time, Hurst was averaging 13.6 points including a career high of 25 against Neosho County and 17 against North Iowa. In addition, she was averaging 4.8 rebounds from the guard spot.

“If we had had Sam the entire year, we would not have lost some of the games we lost,” said KCKCC coach Valerie Stambersky, whose Blue Devils finished 24-8 with six of the eight losses to teams ranked in the Top 5 in the nation. “She’s the epitome of what college athletes should be – solid academically, tireless worker, did everything that was asked, never cut corners or made bad decisions, everything you’d want an athlete to be on and off the court.”

Named to “Who’s Who in Community Colleges in America,” Hurst was also a work-study student assisting Athletic Director Tony Tompkins.

“I’m really happy Samantha is getting a scholarship and is going to be able to continue playing basketball,” Tompkins said. “She’s a high quality kid with a great work ethic; very deserving and we’re very proud.”

Hurst began her rehabilitation almost immediately after her injury, spending one to two hours a day five days a week under the watchful eye of KCKCC trainer Rodney Christensen.

“A lot of athletes coming off an injury won’t make the commitment but she was there every day, always with a smile on her face,” Christensen said. “It takes a lot of patience and a lot of hard work and she did it every day with a great attitude.”

Hurst will to continue to work with Christensen through the end of June, then move to the Maryville campus. The daughter of Roger and Lori Hurst of Harrisonville, she has two brothers, Jake and Justin.

At Northwest Missouri, she’ll be reunited with a former KCKCC teammate, Alexandria Blaurock, who was selected KCKCC’s Female Athlete of the Year for 2012-13.

“It’s exciting to know I’ll have someone on the team I know and have played with,” said Hurst, who is not content with just receiving a scholarship. “I want to go there and be successful, not just ride the bench.”

Alan Hoskins is the sports information director at KCKCC.