One Senate candidate says he’d be happy if ‘somebody’ is hanged

One Senate Republican candidate made some shocking remarks at the July 30 candidate forum at Kansas City Kansas Community College. (Staff photo)
by Mary Rupert
One of the most shocking statements at the candidate forum July 30 at the Kansas City Kansas Community College was made by Alvin Zahnter, a Republican for U.S. Senate from Russell, Kan.

In discussing the president’s executive orders, he alleged that money was going to America’s enemies and said, “It’s got to stop.” Zahnter said he would support impeachment.

“In fact I won’t be happy until what our country stands for, my constitution, has somebody hanged for this,” Zahnter said.

His remarks came on the same day that President Obama visited Kansas City, Mo., and called for federal lawmakers to “stop hating all the time.”

Zahnter, of Russell, Kan., was the only one of four candidates for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate who showed up at the forum. Earlier in the day, incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts, of Dodge City, Kan., and one of the opponents, Milton Wolf, of Leawood, Kan., were seen on news reports after a sidewalk meeting in Emporia, Kan., with Sen. Roberts declining to debate Wolf. Also running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate is D.J. Smith of Osawatomie, Kan.

Zahnter said he opposed executive orders. “These executive orders are not from we the people,” he said. He said the president was giving arms and federal money away to enemies through executive orders.

“We don’t give our money to our enemies,” Zahnter, a Vietnam veteran, said.

He said he was for term limits, for guns, and for medical marijuana.

In discussing immigration reform, Zahnter said the border should be shut down.

“We cannot take no more,” he said. “We can hardly feed our own, let alone, at the rate that they are breeding.”

“We’re multiplying too fast,” he said, adding that he does not support abortion after a certain term.

Zahnter, wearing a red, white and blue outfit, said, “God put me in this race one morning.”

“This is our country, and I plan to keep it our country,” he said. “My God, my state, my Bible and my flag. I’m here to fight and if you’re here to fight, let’s get it on.”

For more of the candidate’s comments, view the candidate forum on the KCKCC cable channel or on YouTube; see

Two Democrats running for U.S. Senate in Kansas

Two candidates running for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, Patrick Wiesner, left, and Chad Taylor, right, spoke at the candidate forum July 30 at Kansas City Kansas Community College. (Staff photo)

by Mary Rupert
Chad Taylor and Patrick Wiesner are facing off Aug. 5 for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate.

In a candidate forum July 30 at Kansas City Kansas Community College, Taylor said he was concerned about three recent Senate votes by Sen. Pat Roberts, a Republican, including the vote on the agriculture bill; the vote against funding for vocational treatment and post-traumatic stress rehabilitation for armed forces, and the vote against the biosciences facility in Manhattan, Kan.

“Those three votes sound more like a vote of a Virginian than a Kansan,” Taylor said. He said he would have voted yes on all three of the votes.

He is the district attorney for Shawnee County, which includes Topeka. Those three bills would have helped the Kansas economy, he believes.

“People are hurting and we need jobs, and we need to start focusing on jobs for Americans and jobs for Kansans,” he said.

Wiesner, a tax attorney, a CPA, and Army veteran from Ellis, Kan., who has a law office in Overland Park, said he would like to use his experience as a certified public accountant to improve the nation’s system of collecting revenues. He also supported adequate staffing for the Treasury Department.

Wiesner said the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land now, and that “we can make it work.” He would support changing the law to allow Medicare to negotiate prices on prescription drugs, take steps to make sure that everybody is covered, and do medical malpractice reform.

Taylor said many people like the Affordable Care Act because those with preexisting conditions are not denied coverage; there is no lifetime cap; and kids can be on their parents’ health coverage through age 26. It has allowed the underemployed to leave their jobs they held onto only because of the health insurance, and create their own full-time businesses because they now can get coverage, he said.

While there has been some confusion about this new law, it is still the law of the land, Taylor said, and “we have to get the right people around the table.” The professionals in the health field, along with consumer advocates, will then help this wide-sweeping public policy to evolve, he said.

Wiesner, who has been self-funding his own campaign, said he was the “get America out of debt” candidate. Wiesner, who is an Army reservist, wrote legal opinions on the Army’s requests to spend appropriated money on different projects, and he said he has ideas of how money can be saved.

Taylor said America needs to go back to its “pay-go” rules, where the government showed where the money was coming from before it spent the money.

For more of the candidates’ comments, view the candidate forum on the KCKCC cable channel or on YouTube; see

KCKCC joins with Kauffman Foundation for entrepreneurial program

by Kelly Rogge

Kansas City Kansas Community College is inviting the community to “connect” through the college’s new Entrepreneurship Certificate of Completion.

Partnering with the Kauffman Foundation and the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative, KCKCC is offering the new for-credit Entrepreneurship Certificate of Completion utilizing curriculum from Kauffman’s FastTrac Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture and Ice House -The Entrepreneurial Mindset.

“A partnership with the Kauffman Foundation is important because when it comes to entrepreneurship and education, the foundation is noted throughout the world,” said Marvin Hunt, dean of Business and Continuing Education at KCKCC. “They just happen to be in Kansas City. The college will benefit through this partnership by participating in their programming, such as their Million Cups events, using their FastTrac curriculum and other supports.”

This kickoff event is from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Aug. 5 in the Upper Level of the Jewell Student Center on the KCKCC campus, 7250 State Ave.

Representatives from the Kauffman Foundation and the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative will be on hand to discuss their innovative entrepreneurial programs. In addition, Kauffman FastTrac graduates will be available to share their experiences and entrepreneurial pathways toward success and local entrepreneurs will be available to talk with those who are interested on an individual basis.

“The Kauffman Foundation has been a key driver in the development and implementation of entrepreneurship training and research for over 20 years,” said Karen Gaines, coordinator of the marketing program and instructor of business courses at KCKCC. “The foundation has wanted our school to be involved with their programming, especially with them being in our backyard. The timing is right and to be a part of this network of institutions offering their quality programming is a benefit to the school.”

Hunt said KCKCC has had a long-standing partnership with the Kauffman Foundation through several events including the annual Innovation Summit, in which their leadership has provided keynote addresses. He said as KCKCC learned more about their academic programming, using their curriculum seemed like a natural fit.

“It is quite significant that KCKCC was invited, by Kauffman, to be a part of the Slingshot Network, which is a national network of the most entrepreneurial community colleges in the United States,” he said. “High quality education is key. It will be important for KCKCC students to learn about entrepreneurship by using the highest quality and most current curriculum. Our affiliation in the Slingshot Network also brings recognition to KCKCC as a progressive and entrepreneurially-minded community college. President (Doris) Givens always states that Kansas City Kansas Community College is the most progressive, forward thinking, forward moving, entrepreneurial community college in the entire state of Kansas. Success begets success. We have been successful in gaining a reputation in entrepreneurship, but I am not satisfied stopping there. We need to better engage students in entrepreneurship and help our community grow new entrepreneurs at a faster rate. This builds wealth in the community and for individuals.”

For information about the Entrepreneurship Certificate of Completion or the kickoff event, contact Gaines at

Kelly Rogge is the public information supervisor at Kansas City Kansas Community College.