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Shooting reported at 33rd and Brown

A shooting left a victim with serious injuries early this morning near 33rd and Brown, according to police.

No further information on the shooting was available.

Residents step forward to help 96-year-old fix her home

Two Kansas City, Kansas, residents have stepped forward to lead an effort to help get an elderly woman’s home fixed up.

The 96-year-old woman’s electricity had been off for a few weeks at her home on North 81st. A truck driving through her backyard had run into utility lines that were connected to the house, causing the meter to be damaged. The Board of Public Utilities pulled the meter for safety reasons, a spokesman said, to prevent a fire from occurring.

Today, a neighbor who is an electrician started repairs to the home, while there are more repairs scheduled on Monday, when another electrician is scheduled to be there, according to one of the residents who is helping with the effort.

The Kansas City, Kansas, residents who are helping also have scheduled some volunteers to come in and work on the house and yard.

Efforts underway to help 96-year-old woman with her house and electricity

The Board of Public Utilities staff tonight visited the home of an elderly resident without electricity, and found that an electrician will need to do some work on the house before the meter can be reconnected. Otherwise, reconnecting the electricity might result in a fire. Another Kansas City, Kansas, resident has stepped up to volunteer to get an electrician for the home.
(BPU photo)

Board of Public Utilities staff visited a 96-year-old resident’s home tonight to check on her utilities. The electricity at the woman’s house was off because a meter was removed for safety reasons.

According to David Mehlhaff, BPU spokesman, it will be necessary to have a certified electrician work on the house before the meter can be reattached.

He said BPU personnel said that if the meter was reattached without the work by the electrician, it could be a fire hazard. Boxes inside the house will need to be replaced, he said.

Meters are the responsibility of the homeowners, he said. In this case, if someone else caused the damage, that other person could be responsible for replacing it.

A Kansas City, Kansas, resident has now stepped forward to help. The Wyandotte Daily has been contacted by a Kansas City, Kansas, resident who is interested in helping by providing an electrician to work on the house.

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