Man injured in accident on I-635

An accident on I-635 northbound just north of Gibbs Road at 1:49 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 7, resulted in an injury.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol trooper’s report, a 21-year-old Kansas City, Kan., man was injured and taken to the hospital.

The Ford Taurus he was driving went off I-635 to the right for an unknown reason, going up the embankment and into the trees, according to the trooper’s report. The driver was wearing a seat belt.

Kansas City, Kan., police reports

Sept. 14
Burglary, 6500 block of Kaw Drive, two purses, identification card, $41 value.
Attempted burglary, 1700 block of Orville.
Theft, 1800 block of Village West Parkway, Ford Ranger, $2,000 value.

Sept. 13
Theft, 1500 block of North 74th Terrace, Chevy Cobalt, $8,000 value.
Theft, 2100 block of North 57th, Acura, $2,500 value.
Theft, 900 block of Lyons Avenue, vehicle, $2,000 value.

Sept. 12
Burglary, 00 block of South 17th, two televisions, tablet, $1,420 value.
Burglary, criminal damage, 4300 block of Fisher, window, video games, coins, $850 value.
Burglary to auto, 7900 block of New Jersey, two cigarette packs, eight quarters, $12 value.
Attempted theft, criminal damage, 3900 block of Fairbanks, ignition, keys, steering column, $234 value.
Theft, 400 block of Osage Avenue, business, vehicle, $2,000 value.
Theft, 00 block of South 25th Street, Honda Civic, Mercury Milan, $12,000 value.

Sept. 11
Burglary, 600 block of North 32nd, television, $300 value.
Burglary, 1500 block of South 17th, two pistols, one shotgun, $2,800 value.
Attempted burglary, criminal damage, 1300 block of South 55th, door, $100 value.
Theft, 500 block of Osage Avenue, business, leaf blower finish nailer, framing nailer, drill, $775 value.

Sept. 10

Criminal use of financial card, 2400 block of North 73rd Terrace, currency, $1,200 value.
Attempted theft, criminal damage, 400 block of North 34th, GMC Sonoma, $500 value.

Sept. 9
Burglary, criminal damage, 4200 block of Waverly, television, DVD player, stereo, $1,880 value.

Sen. Haley left off invitation list of mayor’s legislative meeting

Sen. David Haley

by Mary Rupert
State Sen. David Haley, D-4th Dist., was left off the list of the state legislators who were invited to the mayor’s Wyandotte County legislative delegation meeting on Monday.

The meeting took place at lunchtime Monday at a restaurant near 18th and I-70.

Sen. Haley, who has served in the state Senate since 2001, and served in the House for six years before that, recently had visited the mayor to tell him that he was going to introduce a bill in the Kansas Legislature that would help fill the open 1st District, at large, Unified Government Commission seat. The seat has been vacant for more than a year, and several tie votes have been recorded. The proposed bill would set a deadline for filling the seat, possibly 30 days, and would allow a tiebreaker such as drawing names to resolve a tie vote.

Sen. Haley also had said he was proposing a meeting of the legislators from Wyandotte County to discuss this issue, but the mayor’s meeting took place first.

Sen. Haley did not attend Monday’s meeting, although he said last week that he heard there was a meeting planned by the mayor, but lacked the details of it. Last week, he said while he would like to have support for the bill, he planned to introduce the bill regardless of the support.

Bill Hurrelbrink, a spokesman for Mayor Mark Holland, said there was a communications mixup by the staff at the mayor’s office, and Sen. Haley was not extended an invitation.

“Our office called him last night and apologized,” Hurrelbrink said. It was not an intentional error, he said. Also, he said it is important that the mayor wants the position filled, but there have been tie votes each time a vote was taken.

Human rights activist Alvin Sykes remarked today that he thought the mayor should have personally apologized to Haley, instead of having a staff member apologize.

Rep. Val Winn, D-34th Dist., said the topic of the bill on filling the vacancy came up for a short discussion during Monday’s meeting, but it wasn’t widely discussed. She said in Sen. Haley’s absence, no one wanted to have a full discussion of the item. It was just one of several items that were mentioned, she added.

Rep. Winn also said the mayor’s office was concerned about the issue in view of a lot of attacks on home rule.

Rep. Pam Curtis, D-32nd Dist., said the meeting was mostly about improving communications between the legislators and the UG, and that several other meetings may be planned in the future.

The issues here, according to Rep. Curtis, seem to be that some in the local government are concerned about the state settling matters that need to be settled locally, while Sen. Haley is acting on behalf of citizens who came to him and asked him to look at it because the local government stalemated. His bill would be trying to give citizens a method to deal with the vacancy.

A resident, Carolyn Wyatt, has filed suit against the UG to try to get a judge to rule that it had to fill the seat.