Kansas City, Kan., police reports

March 16

Theft, 500 block of North Washington, Honda Accord, $5,000 value.

Theft, 1400 block of Merriam Lane, trailer, $1,200 value.

Theft, 1100 block of County Line Road, Dodge Intrepid, $2,000 value.

March 15

Theft, 6500 block of Kansas Avenue, vehicle, $2,000 value.

Burglary, criminal damage, 5000 block of State, glass door, bills and change, $1,600 value.

March 14

Auto theft, 10700 block of Parallel Parkway, Nissan Maxima, $9,000 value.

Theft, 1900 block of North 76th Drive, Dodge Caravan, $4,000 value, vehicle recovered.

Theft, 900 block of Sandusky, cell phone, $250 value.

Identity theft, 5100 block of Washington.

Criminal damage, burglary, 6200 block of Ann, door handle, door frame, $300 value.

Burglary, criminal damage, 4100 block of South Thompson, van window, three nail guns, electric saw, three compressors, hoses and miscellaneous, 10 floor tools, harnesses and miscellaneous, $3,170 value.

Burglary, criminal damage, 7900 block of State, front door with gates, window, $1,100 value.

Burglary, criminal damage, 300 block of North 70th Terrace, door frame, television, laptop, $850 value.

March 13

Theft, auto, 5800 block of Swartz Road, vehicle, $3,500 value.

Theft, criminal damage, 5200 block of State, four catalytic converters stolen, four moving vans damaged, $5,000 value.

Burglary, 2300 block of Birch Drive, purse, driver’s license, Social Security cards, $70 value.

Feb. 15

Theft, 2300 block of Birch, vehicle, $2,500 value.

Feb. 12

Theft, 2500 block of Alden, cash, $2,160 value.

Dec. 19

Burglary, criminal damage, 1000 block of Waverly, window, lock, three televisions, 50 items of clothing, $2,575 value.

Identity theft, 5000 block of Oak Grove Road.

County health rankings used to improve health efforts in communities

Mayor Mark Holland talked about how Wyandotte County has used the county health rankings to increase efforts to address health. He spoke at a meeting sponsored by the Kansas Health Institute on Monday at Sporting Park, Kansas City, Kan. (Photo by William Crum)

by William Crum

The healthiest and not-so-healthy counties in Kansas were discussed at a Kansas Health Institute meeting Monday at Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kan.

Johnson County was in the top five counties in the county health rankings in the state, while Wyandotte County was 96th out of about 100 counties.

Representatives of three Kansas counties talked about how they used the health rankings information to improve health efforts in their communities.

At the meeting, Unified Government Mayor Mark Holland shared his goals on how Wyandotte County can be a healthier county. Increasing the bike trails and encouraging others to eat healthier are a few of these goals.

A panel discussion addressed methods of how to solve health problems in individual counties.

More than 250 people attended this meeting.


More than 250 people attended a meeting on county health rankings sponsored by the Kansas Health Institute on Monday at Sporting Park, Kansas City, Kan. (Photo by William Crum)