Challenger outspending incumbent in district attorney contest

Campaign finance reports filed Monday by district attorney candidates showed that over $14,000 was spent by the incumbent, Mark A. Dupree Sr., while more than $21,000 was spent by the challenger, Kristiane Bryant.

The primary election will be Tuesday, Aug. 4. No Republicans have filed for the general election.

The Bryant campaign had $3,658.85 cash on hand as of July 23, according to the report, and the Dupree campaign had $3,844.73 left as of July 23.

Bryant’s contributors included the former district attorney, Jerome Gorman, and two former KCK police chiefs. Bryant formerly worked in the district attorney’s office.

Dupree’s contributors included several pastors, as well as some former supporters of former Mayor Mark Holland, several attorneys, officials and residents.

Former Wyandotte County district attorney Jerome Gorman contributed $500 to the Bryant campaign. The Friends of the FOP contributed $500 to the Bryant campaign, according to campaign finance reports. Former interim police chief Ellen Hanson contributed $100 and $200 to the Bryant campaign. Former police chief Terry Zeigler contributed $100 to the Bryant campaign. According to the campaign finance report, Don Ash contributed $50.

Also contributing to the Bryant campaign were Robert Serra, $250; Norman Scott, $25; Thomas and Judith Lynch, $500; Rusty Roberts, $150; the Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus separate fund, $125; IBEW Local 124, $500; Duane Beth, $100; Joe Peterson, $100; Jeremiah Waldeck, $100; Jason Sutton, $250; MRPP Inc., $500; David Hurrelbrink, $100; Don Jolley, $100; Paul Soptic, $100; and Jared Gambrel, $100.

Attorneys who contributed to the Bryant campaign included James Spies, attorney, $500; Jennifer Tatum, attorney, $400; Micheal Nichols attorney, $200; Tom Bath, attorney, $500; Stephanie Sang, attorney, 150; Alan Fogleman, attorney, $50; Jamie Hunt, attorney, $250; Danielle Sediqzad, attorney, $200; Emma Rea, attorney, $200; Dan Dunbar, attorney, $250; Jay Vader, attorney, $200; Brian Jackson, attorney, $250; Gary Stone, attorney, $250; Kristy Cuevas, attorney, $150 and $250; Mary Ann Slattery, retired, $150; Dan Nelson, attorney, $250; Michale Sexton, attorney, $500; Karen Sexton, attorney, $500; and Denise Tomasic, attorney, $500.

Contributors to the Dupree campaign included Virginia Sewing, $500; Julie Solomon, $100; Tyrone Garner, retired police official, $200; Roy Robinson, $400; Donald Holland, KU police captain, $150; and Daniels Security Service, $200.

Contributors to the Dupree campaign also included Mindy Fugarino, chaplain, $300; the Rev. Dixie Junk, priest, $50; the Rev. Ricky Turner, pastor, $300; Lee Trotter, minister, $25; the Rev. Rick Behrens, pastor, $100; James Drew, pastor, $100; the Rev. Jimmie Banks, pastor, $200; and Pamela Berry, pastor, $50 and $100.

Contributors to the Dupree campaign also included Scott Mason, attorney, $100, Gary Stone, lawyer, $250; Blake Shuart, attorney, $250; Anthony Springfield, attorney, $200; Manu Rattan, attorney, $500; Jerry Merrill, attorney, $100; Nancy Morales Gonzalez, lawyer, $100; Gabrielle Beam, attorney, $15; Teresa Woody, attorney, $50; Laura Ice, lawyer, $100; Rekha Sharma-Crawford, attorney, $200; Elizabeth R. Herbert, attorney, $250; Stacey Gates, attorney, $25; Maurice Brewer, attorney, $25; Geoff Hetley, attorney, $100; Ross Stewart, lawyer, $100; Stephanie Burton, attorney, $500; Vicent Rivera attorney, $300; Mira Mdivani, attorney, $500; Jean Menager, attorney, $100; Michael Stallworth, attorney, $100; Christi Bright, attorney, $500; Courtney Henderson, attorney, $450; law office of Joshua Allen, attorney, $150 and $350; Joshua Allen lawyer, $100; Daniel Watkins, attorney, $200; Edward Bigus, lawyer, $100; James Morlath, lawyer, $25; Carla Pratt, dean of Washburn law school, $200; Zach Thomas, attorney, $100; and J. Eugene Balloun, attorney, $250.

There were many other contributors to both campaigns, and they are listed at

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