Citizens academy learns about police tactical unit

Sgt. Brandon Holloway (Staff photo)
Sgt. Brandon Holloway (Staff photo)

by William Crum

Recently, the Police Department of Kansas City, Kan., citizens academy held its second class. This class was about the tactical side of the Police Department, called SCORE, otherwise known as a SWAT team.

Within the team there is more than meets the eye.

To be a part of this team is definitely a high honor. An officer has to bid on the position and meet certain mental and physical criteria. If several officers pass their tests, the ones with the most seniority will most likely get the positions, said Sgt. Brandon Holloway of the team.

Sgt. Holloway spoke about the training the officer has to go through, but also about the equipment they use.

He mentioned that they not only go in and arrest someone who is barricaded in a home or building because of the danger which they pose to the community, they also provide protection for dignitaries who come into the community, a lot like the Secret Service, but only on a local level.

Regarding the equipment, they use extensive methods of testing the new equipment well before they take it out in the field.

“Our main job is to protect the citizens, their life comes first ahead of our life. We know this when we set up to be a part of the team,” Sgt. Holloway said.

During this class participants were exposed to the various types of equipment which they use. They even got a chance to ride in a SWAT vehicle to see exactly how it feels, giving them a better understanding of what an officer this team has to go through.

They also talked about the canine division of the team, how many dogs they have, what types of dogs they use and the training the dogs go through. The participants in the class were amazed not only about the equipment they use, but how much training it takes to be a part of this team.

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