Costly repair after vandals tag I-35 signs with graffiti

After vandals tagged signs on I-35 with graffiti, it will cost around $20,000 to replace the signs. New signs are being ordered. (KDOT photo)

Vandals have tagged signs on I-35 with graffiti. (KDOT photo)

Highway signs on southbound I-35 in Kansas City, Kansas, have been tagged with graffiti, according to Kansas Department of Transportation officials.

The overhead signs off southbound I-35 between Southwest Boulevard and 7th Street Trafficway and another sign nearby have been tagged in recent months, and also last night, a KDOT spokesman stated.

The same set of signs also was tagged in past years as well.

The double signs damaged last night now will have to be replaced at an estimated cost of $20,000, the spokesman stated. New signs will have to be ordered and it will probably be early summer before they can be installed.

For the single overhead sign that has been tagged, crews will cover up the graffiti with matching yellow tape within the next two or three weeks, the spokesman said.

Catwalks are on both structures, but the ladders to reach the catwalks were removed with previous repairs, according to KDOT.


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  1. This is so disheartening and frustrating for all of us. Do you have any leads on the vandals? Is there a video camera on this sign? What is the motive?

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