Dan Henry, long-time Channel 4 weatherman, dies

Long-time WDAF-TV weatherman Dan Henry, 89, died Saturday afternoon.

Henry, who retired in 1992, was a full-time weather there since 1977.

He started his career as a disc jockey at WDAF-AM radio in 1959, then became the “Tea Time Host” and part-time weekend weatherman at WDAF-TV in the mid-1960s.

He became a full-time weatherman in 1977, and continued to moonlight on the WDAF sales team.

Henry was known for cheerful weather reports, and calm coverage of severe weather, delivered in a soothing baritone voice.

For 33 years Henry was a source of comfort for viewers and pride at WDAF. And even though he has been retired for 23 years, people still remember him for the popular catchphrase, “Dan said it would be like this.”

FOX 4 President and General Manager Cheryl McDonald said, “I was very sad to hear of Dan’s passing on Saturday. He was deeply loved by all of us at WDAF-TV who had the privilege of working with him. He was funny and kind and always made the weather entertaining. We lost a very special person……He was the best of an era.”

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