Dance studio wins several contest awards

Mark Harris and Shelley Judd danced and won awards at the Sunflower Dance Festival recently in Wichita, Kan. (Photo from Walters Dance Studio)

Walters Dance Center, and Kansas City, Kan., were well represented at the 2014 Sunflower Dance Festival in Wichita, Kan.

In Pro-Am Ballroom Competitions, Angela Lamb won first place in many American style dances: Waltz (twice), Fox Trot (twice), Tango, Viennese Waltz (twice), Rumba (twice), and Bolero dancing with her pro, Mark Harris.

Ed Fukunaga won first place more than 20 times in American and International styles dancing with his pro, Shelley Judd.

In the Pro-Am Swing Competitions, Ange Lamb won first place in Swing and first place in Hustle, Jane Buttenhoff won second place in swing, Joann Luedke won third place in Swing, Lorrie McCurdy won fifth place in Swing (and first place in Strictly with Brian Jenks), and Elaine J Wheeler won sixth place in Swing all dancing Pro-Am with Mark Harris. Bryan Jenks won first place and Ron Talbot won third place in Swing dancing with their pro, Mary Harris.

Several dancers placed in the Swing Jack and Jills. In the Newcomer division, Ed Fukunaga and Lorrie McCurdy won first place, Bryan Jenks won second place and Joan Ludeke won third place. Mary Harris won first place in her division in the Swing Jack and Jill.

They really shined in the Pro-Am Country Competitions. Ed Fukunaga won first place. Overall in three Divisions dancing with Shelley Judd. Joann Luedke won first place Overall in Gold Newcomer, Elaine J Wheeler won second place Overall in Gold Newcomer, Rebecca Tippin Moore won second place Overall in Silver Newcomer, Lorrie McCurdy won first place Overall in Silver Novice, Jane Buttenhoff won first place overall in Gold Intermediate, and Roberta Adams received Gold With Honors for her three dances in Pre-Newcomer, all dancing with their pro, Mark Harris. Ted Haase received Gold scores for his four dances in Gold Newcomer dancing with his pro, Priscilla Allen.

Ed Fukunaga won Top Male Student.

Mark Harris won Top Teacher.

Mark Harris and Shelley won first place in Pro-Pro.

Marta Elder judged Country Divisions and Mark Harris judged Swing Jack and Jill contests. Priscilla Allen taught a yoga workshop.

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