Ebola virus warning includes Heartland, KU doctor says

People exposed to the deadly Ebola virus will suffer flu-like symptoms in the beginning that grow worse followed by skin rashes, a drop in blood pressure, organ failure and internal bleeding, according to officials at the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, Kan.

“It’s extremely rare for a case of Ebola virus to occur in the Heartland or even the U.S., but the deadly virus is only an airplane ride away,” Dr. Lee Norman, chief medical officer for The University of Kansas Hospital, said. “That’s why the CDC is putting the public and emergency rooms on alert. This outbreak is different from past outbreaks.”

Dr. Norman suspects the cases of Ebola virus are also underreported in West Africa. The key to seeking medical attention is if you or someone you’ve been in contact with has traveled recently to Africa and especially West Africa. He says this Ebola virus outbreak is not linked to an Ebola virus outbreak in the Philippines affecting animals only.

To see a KU Hospital video about this topic, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg5h6ZIQX8E
– Story from KU Hospital

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