Edwardsville council moves forward with development south of Kansas Speedway

A preliminary artist's rendering of the new Village South development  near I-70 and the Kansas Speedway in Edwardsville, Kan.
A preliminary artist’s rendering of the new Village South development near I-70 and the Kansas Speedway in Edwardsville, Kan.

At its Feb. 22 meeting, the Edwardsville City Council approved the preliminary plan for land located at 323 and 325 N. 110th St., taking the first step toward development along the city’s north end.

The property owner intends to develop two hotels (with a combined 185 rooms) with a restaurant and meeting space, a destination retail store, a fast food location, and convenience store. The overall site has 27.18 acres.

Holiday Inn and La Quinta Inn have committed to the project, officials said. The La Quinta del Sol was selected.

There is also a 10.34 acre section in the southeast corner of the development currently reserved for future development. The project location is west of I-435, at 110th between I-70 and Riverview.

The developer for the project is Lane 4. According to information presented Feb. 22, the meeting space would have 12,000 square feet. The retail store is planned to have 25,240 square feet.

The preliminary plan as presented was a modification of a plan originally presented at the Jan. 20 Planning Commission meeting.

Councilmember Chuck Stites made the motion to approve the modification of the preliminary plan, which was seconded by Councilmember Chuck Adams. The motion passed unanimously.

Because the property is located in the Riverview Overlay District, the development is subject to architectural and site design plan review.

The developers will still need to present final plans to both the Planning Commission and the City Council in order to complete their efforts.

A traffic study will also need to be completed, which will involve representatives from the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and the Kansas Department of Transportation. If the projects passes the various levels, construction could start this year, officials believe.

During the council and mayor comment period of the Feb. 22 meeting, several councilmembers expressed excitement that this kind of activity is being generated in Edwardsville.

6 thoughts on “Edwardsville council moves forward with development south of Kansas Speedway”

  1. It’s about time to get a convention center near the Legends! This 12,000 square-foot “meeting space” is on the right track. If it’s not approved, you can bet it’s someone trying to protect the old KCK downtown convention center…the almost dead one with absolutely NO upscale shopping nearby.

  2. No one wants to go to downtown KCK anymore! All the “action” is at the west end of KCK now. Let’s build a fresh new convention/meeting space!

  3. As a former mayor I am excited to see the North End of Edwardsville finally move ahead and shore up the tax base . It will be great retail for the whole town.

  4. After years of trying to get something going on the north end of town it’s finally going to happen. I remember many nights in work sessions and city council meetings discussing this. way to go city of edwardsville. mike stinnett

  5. There used to be a couple of nice houses there with nice families. There are families that will be affected across the street. Yes this is good for the economy, I just hope people realize the sacrifices people have given for all this development. I am a product of displacement from the first phase of the racetrack. Hopefully Edwardsville is more generous and caring than the Unified Government of KCK was 17 years ago. Those who stayed have yet to see the benefit of the new tax dollars, still pay outrageous taxes. Just be careful what you wish for and what bandwagon you jump on. Grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

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