Explosion at KCK salvage yard results in minor burns for employee

An employee at a Kansas City, Kan., salvage yard was treated for minor flash burns to the face in a fire today.

The explosion and fire at 3:41 p.m. June 11 at 836 S. 26th St. resulted when crews were working with welding equipment near vehicles that had been run through a crusher, according to a Kansas City, Kan., Fire Department spokesman.

Workers said there was an odor of gasoline in the area when an explosion occurred, causing crushed vehicles to catch on fire. Firefighters arrived within two minutes of the call.

The injured employee was taken non-emergency to the hospital for evaluation of minor burns.

The fire was brought under control in five minutes, a spokesman said.

The fire is under investigation, and there were no other injuries. There was no loss reported for property and contents.


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