Hollywood Casino gaming revenues increase

Gaming revenues at the Hollywood Casino for August were $12.6 million, according to a report at the Kansas Lottery Commission meeting today.

It was an increase of 5.7 percent from August of 2017, according to Keith Kocher, director of program assurance and integrity at the Kansas Lottery.

Revenues from all four of the state-owned casinos were up this August as compared to August of 2017, he said.

Boot Hill Casino, Dodge City, Kansas, showed gaming revenues of $3.4 million; Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kansas, $15.4 million; and Kansas Crossing, near Pittsburg, Kansas, $2.97 million.

July revenues at the Hollywood Casino were $12.7 million, according to Lottery Commission figures, also an increase from July of 2017.

Local government receives 3 percent of the gaming revenues from the Hollywood Casino. The state of Kansas receives 22 percent.

The Kansas Lottery Commission budget for the next year, for 2020 and 2121 was discussed, and according to lottery officials, the addition of 272 self-service lottery ticket machines at retailers throughout the state will make a difference in several categories of the budget.

The initial cost of the 272 lottery ticket machines was estimated at $4.45 million, according to lottery officials.

Half of the lottery ticket machines are expected to be launched in March or April of next year, with another group of lottery ticket machines following after six months to a year. The second group could be as many as the first, but also, the number could be adjusted downward or upward based on research, according to officials.

Lottery officials said in other states, lottery ticket machines account for 25 to 40 percent of the lottery sales.

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