Hollywood Casino hits three high months in a row

Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway reported gaming revenues of just over $12 million for November, marking the third month in a row of high gaming revenues, according to Kansas Lottery officials.

Hollywood Casino has had reports of high gaming revenues for each of the past three months, their best-ever reports for those particular months, according to Keith Kocher, director of program assurance and integrity for the Kansas Lottery. The November revenues this year, for example, were compared with November revenues of previous years. Kocher made his report to the Kansas Lottery Commission today.

In October, Hollywood Casino reported gaming revenues of $11.9 million, according to Kansas Lottery records. The September gaming revenues there were about $12 million.

Revenues for all four Kansas state-owned casinos were up in November as compared to October, according to lottery statistics. November gaming revenues were about $3.2 million at Boot Hill Casino, Dodge City, Kansas; $14.6 million at Kansas Star Casino, Mulvane, Kansas; and $2.4 million at Kansas Crossing Casino, Pittsburg, Kansas.

In other discussion, lottery officials said the Millionaire Holiday Raffle has started slowly this year, but they hope to sell all 200,000 tickets by Jan. 2. It was reported earlier this week that more than 141,000 raffle tickets have been sold at $20 each.

The game was changed slightly this year, and did not offer early $25,000 prizes as did last year’s contest, and no instant win tickets, according to lottery officials. Several drawings for $10,000 prizes have been held, with two more scheduled Dec. 10 and 17. The grand prize is $1 million, drawn on Jan. 3.

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