Injury-accident reported near Hutton and Wolcott roads

A traffic accident about 3:20 p.m. Friday, April 27, at Hutton and Wolcott roads sent one person to the hospital, according to a Kansas City, Kansas, police spokesman.

In the accident, one vehicle went into a ditch, the spokesman stated.

The victim was taken to the hospital, according to the spokesman. Originally the victim’s condition was reported as critical.

One thought on “Injury-accident reported near Hutton and Wolcott roads”

  1. Hi…my name is Zach and I’ve written to you once before regarding the old Wolcott neighborhood in the northwest section of your county.

    I’ve been curious: Since the Thunderlake Speedway no longer exists, I’d heard stories about turning the area into some type of theme park. I was hoping, however, that the town could make some type of a comeback, if at all possible. Wolcott, I’ve read, was once the most important stop on the “interurban railroad” a century or so ago and I feel that this should’ve been a national historic site.

    Google Maps has recently shown a mostly deserted area; other than Lakeside Speedway and a cement factory (and one other business just north of “95th and Main”), the last building in the former town–which once housed Sonny’s Pallet Company on Wolcott Drive, now stands empty and shuttered.

    There have been plenty of small towns which have rebuilt after tragedies–Greensburg, KS., is an example. Even though it’s not near a major river such as the Missouri, the citizens still chose to rebuild and restore their proud community. Pomeroy–which is only a few miles to the immediate southeast of Wolcott, on the same river–is still thriving, and it too has a rich history, but not like Wolcott. Moore, Oklahoma, also has rebuilt after several tornadoes have hit the city, in addition to Joplin, Missouri.

    What are the recent plans for the former Wolcott area? Please drop me a line at your convenience, I would love to know what is going on in that particular portion of your lovely county. Thanks.

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