K-State’s engineering college honors BHC Rhodes

Kevin Honomichi

The Kansas State University Carl R. Ice College of Engineering will honor BHC Rhodes as the 2019 Company of the Year at its 36th annual Career Fair recognition event Sept. 25 in the atrium of Rathbone Hall, Manhattan, Kansas.

BHC Rhodes has been a longtime supporter of the college serving as a partner in the Engineering Leadership and Innovation, or ELI, program; providing civil engineering scholarship support; contributing to civil engineering enhancement needs; and funding the BHC Rhodes Smart Cities Lab, which benefits research efforts across the entire college.

The company, founded in 1992, delivers expertise in engineering and surveying services with offices in Overland Park, Kansas City, Kansas, and Dodge City. It strives to be a recognized leader in the industry by staying engaged with customers and within the profession. With a focus on building trusted relationships and delivering exceptional service, BHC RHODES is dedicated to establishing the company’s reputation of being the “no problem” place.

“Years ago we recognized our education and college experience at K-State helped position us for success,” said Kevin Honomichl, 1986 graduate in civil engineering, president of BHC Rhodes and current member of the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering Advisory Council. “Being active in the college is a way to stay engaged with fellow K-State alumni and with what is happening with research so we can see how it applies to our practice.

“If you view engagement with your university through only an academic lens, you are missing a world of perspective, opportunity and relationships,” he said. “Engagement is a key tool in our talent development program to stay connected with great students we may want to hire and find opportunities to get our young professionals involved with the College of Engineering so they have the opportunity to give back to the next generation of engineers.”

“BHC Rhodes is a great friend and supporter of the college,” said Gary Clark, interim dean of the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering. “As an ELI partner, when it is their scheduled time to host a career spotlight for students, they always bring fun, engaging and innovative presentations that truly inspire our students and spark their interest in professional engineering careers.”

The BHC Rhodes name reflects the 2005 merger of a company founded by surveyor Murray Rhodes, of Wyandotte County, with BHC.

The K-State Engineering Company of the Year, established in 1974, is selected annually with the distinction awarded based on exhibited commitment to engineering education, as well as high standards and quality performance in the engineering profession.

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