Kansas City, Kan., police reports

Sept. 22
Criminal use of financial card, theft, 3500 block of Rainbow Boulevard, debit card.
Burglary, criminal damage, 200 block of West 19th, door, three electronics, cash, $1,400 value.
Burglary, criminal damage, 1500 block of South 40th, jewelry, video game system, window, $2,700 value.
Burglary, criminal damage, 3100 block of Orville, two televisions, one tablet, $450 value.
Burglary, 300 block of South 62nd, business, two fuel cards, eight propane tanks, $520 value.
Battery, 2800 block of Sewell.

Sept. 21

Theft, 6600 block of Kimball Avenue, Chevy pickup, $1,000 value.
Burglary, criminal damage, 800 block of Gilmore, weed trimmer, window, $200 value.
Battery, 10th and Central.
Aggravated battery, firearm, 8900 block of Parallel Parkway.
Aggravated assault, aggravated battery, handgun, 2100 block of North 33rd, Pontiac Sunfire, $1,000 value.

Sept. 20

Theft, 57th and I-70, Toyota Tercel, $1,000 value.
Theft, 8200 block of Ella Avenue, gun, $219 value.

Sept. 19
Burglary, criminal damage, 3400 block of North 70th, copper pipe, $1,800 value.

Sept. 8

Criminal damage, 500 block of Oakland, fuel tank, $1,150 value.

May 30
Identity fraud, 1400 block of South 32nd, identity.

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