KCK Chamber supports 3/8-cent public safety sales tax renewal

The Kansas City, Kansas, Chamber of Commerce announced today that its board of directors has voted to support renewal of the 3/8-cent public safety and neighborhood infrastructure sales tax.

“After recent presentations from Unified Government of Wyandotte County, Kansas City, Kansas Mayor-CEO David Alvey and County Administrator Doug Bach at both the Legislative Affairs Committee and the Chamber Board meeting regarding the importance of the renewal of the Public Safety and Neighborhoods Infrastructure Sales Tax, a survey of our Chamber membership reflected an overwhelming 92 percent voice of support for the sales tax renewal,” said Craig Gaffney, 2018 KCK Chamber board chair, in a news release. “Based on those results and Mayor Alvey and Administrator Bach’s presentations, our Chamber board unanimously approved supporting the renewal of the sales tax.”

“Given the recent significant increases in property valuations, not only in Wyandotte County but across the state of Kansas and the impact it will have on our Chamber members’ property taxes, our Chamber board thought it was appropriate to have significant discussion around the sales tax renewal,” Gaffney said in the news release. “It is our belief there is a real desire on Unified Government officials’ part to continue working to reduce the mill levy to lighten the impact of property tax increases and at the same time partner with our Chamber leadership to have a voice in Topeka on phasing in any significant property tax increases that occur across the state due to significant increases in property tax valuations.”

The 3/8-cent sales tax is used for such items as police department expenses, fire trucks, roads and sidewalks. The sales tax produces $10 million per year and originally was approved in 2010. The tax expires in 2020, and if approved this year, it would be in effect from 2020 through 2030.

Mayor Alvey and Administrator Doug Bach are supporting the renewal of the sales tax. The UG Commission voted unanimously on April 26 to put it on the primary election ballot. At the time, UG officials said a “yes” vote would not be an increase in taxes, since residents already are paying the 3/8-cent sales tax.

Mayor Alvey, in his State of the Unified Government speech on June 5, said he supported holding down property taxes. The UG administrator is scheduled to present his proposed budget, with a proposed property tax rate, on July 12. The UG Commission then may alter the budget, and a final vote to adopt the budget is scheduled to take place on July 30.

Voters will be asked to renew the 3/8-cent sales tax in the Aug. 7 primary election.

The UG has posted more sales tax information online at http://www.wycokck.org/SalesTax. More information about the Chamber is at www.KCKChamber.com.

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  1. This tax hurts lower income Wyandotte County residents most of all. Those who have to shop in the county because of lack of transportation.

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