KCK school district launches phone line with school finance updates

The Kansas City, Kan., Public Schools have launched a phone line for school funding information.

The School Funding Crisis Information Line, 913-627-2900, provides updated information in English and Spanish about the issues and tells about the latest developments.

In today’s message, the phone line message references the Kansas Supreme Court decision ordering the Legislature to fix the state’s school finance formula by June 30, and says if they do not fix it, the legislators will force the closure of all public schools across the state, including the Kansas City, Kan., Public Schools.

A special session will start June 23 on the school finance issue, and legislative committees have already been discussing the issue.

The phone line also tells hearers that some parents are planning to travel to Topeka on June 23 to speak in favor of public school funding. It also tells callers that they may call their legislators and tell them how they feel.

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