Legends Outlets to add two places to eat

Two new businesses have been announced for The Legends Outlets in Kansas City, Kan.
They are Pizza Studio, a fast casual restaurant chain based in Los Angeles, Calif., and sweetFrog, a frozen yogurt chain based in Richmond, Va.
The yogurt store will open this spring and the Pizza Studio plans to open this summer.
Both restaurants offer customers a “create your own” food format.
The yogurt store, with 1,588 square feet, to be located across from Uniform Destination, allows customers to make their own soft-serve creations from many flavors and toppings. Yogurt options include many flavors as well as nonfat, low-fat, sugar-free and sorbet options.
The Pizza Studio, with 2,542 square feet, allows customers to create their own custom, individual-sized pizza. Customers choose from an assortment of crusts, sauces, cheeses, meats and vegetables. The restaurant is known for its light and thin, crispy crusts with unlimited toppings for custom-built pizzas. It also offers specialty pizzas and salads.
The restaurant’s location at The Legends Outlets, next to Christopher and Banks, will be the first of at least six Pizza Studios in Greater Kansas City as the chain expands into the Midwest.

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