Lottery rolling out vending machines for lottery tickets

The Kansas Lottery recently launched four self-service lottery ticket vending machines in Topeka and two in Junction City, Kansas, with plans for a total of 272 machines throughout Kansas in July.

“The Kansas Lottery is excited to join the majority of other states offering the convenience of selling lottery products through self-service vending machines,” said Stephen Durrell, the acting executive director of the Kansas Lottery, in a news release. “We look forward to the opportunity of increasing our sales and our transfer to the state. We feel the machines will also provide easier access for our players to find their favorite games.”

In 2018, the Kansas Legislature passed House Bill 2194, allowing the Kansas Lottery to sell traditional-style lottery tickets through self-service vending machines.

Up to $8 million of the net profit from the machines will go to mental health programs throughout Kansas, according to a spokesman.

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