Major resurfacing, water line project planned on 55th, with BPU Nearman plant upgrade

A resurfacing and water line project means more construction over the next few years in the area of 55th Street north of Leavenworth Road, according to Lou Braswell, executive director of the Leavenworth Road Association.

She said the area may expect heavy truck traffic in September. The project goes from 55th and Leavenworth Road, north to Dickinson Road near the Missouri River.

At a recent presentation to the Leavenworth Road Association, Board of Public Utilities staff outlined the projects that were planned.

A water main replacement project tackled 50-year-old water mains, mostly larger lines, which should result in fewer breaks and better reliability, according to BPU staff. Work began July 14. The project completion date is Oct. 1.

Road construction on 55th includes resurfacing of the existing road, removing existing potholes, fixing crumbling street edges and new road lines. The roads will be strengthened to manage future traffic to the Nearman plant. The work began in August and is scheduled to be completed by the spring of 2015.

At the Nearman plant, a $250 million air quality control project will be necessary to comply with federal and state air emissions regulations, according to information provided to Leavenworth Road Association. It will result in reduced air emissions for the community.

This also will allow the BPU to maintain fuel diversity and help leverage energy costs. There will be opportunities for local workers during construction. Construction is scheduled to begin in November and is scheduled for completion by 2016.

The project is a combined effort of the BPU and Unified Government.

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