Man charged with murder in connection with shootings on North Mill Street

Jermelle A. Byers

District Attorney Mark Dupree Sr. today charged Jermelle Andre-Lamont Byers with first-degree murder in the death of Dennis G. Edwards on July 10.

Edwards, owner of the Edwards Corner Market and Deli on North Mill Street, was killed on July 10 in a shooting at the store, and a woman, Lachell Day, also was shot at the store, and later died at the hospital.

Police arrested Byers, 39, at the scene after a standoff of a few hours, and police have stated they believed there was an argument between Byers and Day before the shootings.

A police spokesman stated the suspect pointed a gun at officers and an officer fired at him. The suspect was wounded and taken to the hospital on July 10, according to police.

Jonathan Carter, spokesman for the district attorney, stated that the decision has not been made yet whether to seek capital murder charges or the death penalty in this case. That decision will be made later, he said.

The charging document today also stated that, in the alternative, Byers killed a human in the commission of or attempt or flight from an inherently dangerous felony, aggravated assault and-or attempted murder and-or aggravated battery.

Byers faces a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Lachell Day, who was taken to the hospital and died.

Byers also faces two charges of aggravated assault, including one on a law enforcement officer.

Bond was set at $500,000.

According to Kansas Department of Corrections records, Byers had a criminal conviction from Wyandotte County in 2011, for drugs.

He also faced charges of criminal possession of a firearm, and was sentenced in 2017 in Wyandotte County. He also has an aggravated battery conviction, and was sentenced in 1999.

He served time in the Kansas prison system. KDOC records stated that his sentence expired April 26, 2018.

According to KDOC records, he was listed as an absconder in 2014 and 2001.

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