Man sentenced to probation on gambling, tax charges

A Wichita, Kansas, man was sentenced Tuesday to serve two years on federal probation on federal gambling and tax charges, U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister said.

In addition, the defendant agreed to pay more than $117,000 in restitution.

Daven Flax, 48, Wichita, Kansas, pleaded guilty to two counts of illegal gambling and one count of making a false tax statement.

In his plea, Flax admitted he operated an illegal gambling business in Wichita. He conducted and managed illegal poker games at numerous locations in the city.

His income came from taking a cut or “rake” from the amount of money wagered, according to federal authorities. He was responsible for paying employees including dealers, waitresses and caterers as well as paying for the use of commercial properties where poker games were held. The games were not open to the public. Only gamblers who were invited could play.

In addition, Flax worked as a sub-bookie for co-defendant Danny Chapman’s sports betting operation.

Flax failed to pay federal income taxes on approximately $346,000 in income from illegal gambling.

McAllister commended the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service, the Wichita Police Department, Assistant U.S. Attorney Aaron Smith and Assistant U.S. Attorney Mona Furst for their work on the case.

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