Mayor discusses economic development at Leavenworth Road Association meeting

Mayor Mark Holland discussed economic development at a meeting Tuesday night of the Leavenworth Road Association. (Photo by Lou Braswell)

The audience at the Leavenworth Road Association meeting listened to Mayor Mark Holland on Tuesday night. (Photo by Lou Braswell)

by Lou Braswell

Mayor Mark Holland shared updates of what was happening in all four corners of Wyandotte County during a speech to the Leavenworth Road Association Tuesday night at the Eisenhower Recreation Center.

He also answered questions about many topics, including what will happen with Indian Springs and the American Royal. He explained his position on Indian Springs redevelopment, that the time and project were not right for the development that was proposed there, that it has waited 10 years for redevelopment, and could wait a few more years for plans to be developed.

Also present at the Leavenworth Road Asosication meeting were Commissioner Gayle Townsend, District 1; Commissioner Melissa Bynum, at large, District 2; State Sen. David Haley, D-4th Dist., and Sarah Kremer, candidate for 5th District commissioner.

The next Leavenworth Road Association meeting will be June 13 at the Eisenhower Recreation Center. The guest speaker will be Mike Connor, former director of the Parks and Recreation Department. He will talk about the history of Wyandotte County Lake.



  1. Janice Witt says:

    What was said about the Woodlands? 😉 Thanks.

  2. Lou Braswell says:

    Same song, same tune
    2nd Verse, Hollywood is one of the 2 biggest contributors to UG financially
    repeat chorus
    3rd verse
    Woodland proposal has not presented their plan to UG

    Not trying to be rude, but you asked and basically I am saying the same thing we have heard numerous times.

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