McDonald’s to raise funds for flood victims tonight

Tonight, McDonald’s will hold a fundraiser to help flood victims and relief efforts.

McDonald’s restaurants in the Kansas City metropolitan area and in St. Joseph, Missouri, are participating in the fundraiser from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 27.

Twenty percent of the sales generated between those hours will be donated to local American Red Cross chapters in Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa, and other organizations that help flood victims. The proceeds will go to help communities devastated by Missouri River flooding.

The goal of the fundraiser throughout the area is $100,000 for flood relief efforts.

“I’m just pleased to have this opportunity to help,” Cassandra Savage, a McDonald’s owner-operator, said. She owns two McDonald’s restaurants in Kansas City, Kansas, one in Roeland Park, Kansas, and six other McDonald’s restaurants.

None of the local restaurants was affected by flooding, but communities such as St. Joseph, Missouri, Omaha, Nebraska, and along the Missouri River in other locations have suffered devastating losses from the flood.

“We were fortunate enough not to have any devastation at all,” Savage said. “That’s why we feel we are in a position to help them.”

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