More than 100 Wyandotte County students receive scholarships from K-State

More than 12,000 academic scholarships in all have been awarded to Kansas State University students for the 2014-2015 school year.

Overall, students have earned more than $25.6 million in scholarships for the current academic year — $6.4 million more than the previous year.

Most of the scholarships are made possible through donations and gifts to the Kansas State University Foundation.

K-State students from Wyandotte County who are on the list of scholarship winners include:

From Bonner Springs: Travis Dooley, Foundation Scholarship; Madison Epp, Achievement Award and Grace Dickman King Memorial Scholarship; Joseph Merino, Elmer D. McCollum Alpha Tau Omega Scholarship; Trenton Midyett, Hal and Mary Siegele Scholars Fund and Transfer Achievement Award; Jayce Proctor, Mechanical Contractors Association of Kansas Scholarship; Kemberly Sanchez, Achievement Award, Business Administration Dean’s Scholarship, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships and First in Class Scholarship; Eliza Scott, Memorial Scholarship; William Scott, Housing Leadership Award and Putnam Scholarship; Toni Stock, Achievement Award; Rebekah Thomas, Denison Scholarship and Leo and Louise Schlicher Best Scholarship; Sergio Valenzuela, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships and Foundation for Engineering at Kansas State University Fund; Virginia Wright, Leadership Scholarship; Jared Baker, Terry S. King Engineering Leadership Scholar and Walter A. Buchheim Memorial Scholarship.

From Edwardsville: Hayley Hinton, Foundation Scholarship; Hannah Polys, Memorial Scholarship; Nikole Todd, Student Opportunity Awards: K-State Proud.

From Kansas City, Kan.: Zayra Soto, Housing Leadership Award, Memorial Scholarship, Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Bonnett Scholarship and Opportunity Scholarship; Cesar Luna, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence, Douglas E. and Victoria D. Hill Economics Scholarship, H.L. and Ruth Dible Gamble Scholarship, Hilda and E.E. Meyer Scholarship and Opportunity Scholarship; Stephanie Aguero, Opportunity Scholarship; Lindsay Albracht, Anna Tessie Agan Memorial Scholarship; Nadia Bahadori, John H. Tietze Scholarship, Memorial Scholarship and R.E. “Gene” and Mary Beth Bonnell Scholarship; James Bartolac, Henry Thomas Scholarship and Putnam Scholarship; Carly Benjamin, Dorothy Glunt Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship; Lauren Benjamin, Medallion Scholarship; Gerry Bolden, Memorial Scholarship; Taj Brimmer, Memorial Scholarship; Shelby Brunk, Milton S. Eisenhower Jr. Scholarship in the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communication; Chelsea Buckner-Lyons, Memorial Scholarship; Blanca Bueno, Memorial Scholarship; Hannah Burgess, Alice Beardsley Taylor Scholarship;

Ellyn Calvert, Betty L. Norris Scholarship in Arts and Sciences and Vincent and Jamey Stonestreet Theatre Scholarship; Taran Carlisle, Kinesiology Scholarship Fund; Ronald Casares, George E. Mickelson Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Kaylin Chapman, Helen C. Schutte Memorial Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Paige Coleman, College of Education Alumni Scholarship; Rafael Contreras, Memorial Scholarship; Benjamin Cossio Rios, Memorial Scholarship; Jessica Criss, K-State Transfer Academic Award; Cory Crosby, Memorial Scholarship; Joseph Davis, Foundation Scholarship; Jessica De La Paz, Memorial Scholarship; Jacob Dougherty, Leslie W. Beckman and Edna L. Beckman Memorial Scholarship;

Loren Easterwood, Miscellaneous Scholarship; Jacob English, Fairchild Scholarship; Andre Faison, Memorial Scholarship; Isaac Falcon, Maxine Roper Young Family Studies Scholarship and Opportunity Scholarship; Michael Florez, Memorial Scholarship; Martin Garcia, Business Administration Dean’s Scholarship, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships and Memorial Scholarship; Susette Garcia, Memorial Scholarship; Mamerto Gonzalez, Memorial Scholarship; Brady Gooch, Foundation Scholarship and U.S. FIRST Scholarship; Hope Grable, Leadership Scholarship; Kristopher Grinter, Helen Jones Manus Memorial Scholarship;

Javon Handley, Memorial Scholarship; Khiana Harris, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence, John C. Peterson Scholarship, Memorial Scholarship and Robert C. Goodwin Memorial Scholarship; Ismael Hernandez, Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leadership Scholarship, Engineering Scholarships Fund and Memorial Scholarship; Phillip Hill, Business Administration Dean’s Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Shelbi Hill, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships, Joseph T. and Ann L. Davis Memorial Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Myia Hodge, Activity Scholarship; Jacob Hoit, Ralph Webb Memorial Scholarship; Nakia Hope, Memorial Scholarship; Alexis Hullaby, Memorial Scholarship and Sylvia L. and Roy L. Robinson Diversity Scholarship in Education; Christopher Hullaby, Memorial Scholarship; Holly Johnson, Achievement Award and Lois G. and Jerome L. Chandler Scholarship in Human Ecology;

Anna Kucera, Alumni Association Wabash Cannonball Scholarship, June D. Hull Sherrid Cancer Center Scholarship and Education Fund and Putnam Scholarship; Stephen Kucera, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence, Mildred E. Cummings Memorial Scholarship, Nesbitt Family Scholarship in Accounting/Finance and Phillips 66 Shield Scholars Award Fund; Samantha Leonard, Fairchild Scholarship; Marco Loma-Jasso, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships, Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leadership Scholarship, Memorial Scholarship, Opportunity Scholarship and Proud to be a Wildcat Scholarship;

Delante Madden, First Scholars Program; Megan Marquardt, Dr. Dennis and Georgiana Dettmer Scholarship in Human Ecology; Perla Marquez, Joseph T. and Ann L. Davis Memorial Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Madeline May, Achievement Award, Housing Leadership Award, Memorial Scholarship and Opportunity Scholarship; Charles Mayfield, Foundation Scholarship; Perrin McTye, Fairchild Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Frances Adeleresa Mendoza, Memorial Scholarship; Jasmine Mitchell, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships; Ja’Lynn Montgomery, Memorial Scholarship; Arturo Mora, Opportunity Scholarship; Jacob Morris, Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research, Foundation Scholarship and June D. Hull Sherrid Cancer Center Scholarship and Education Fund; Elena Nicholson, Marian W. “Dolly” Hardman Endowment and Memorial Scholarship;

Ciara Olden, Memorial Scholarship; Adriana Olivas, Memorial Scholarship; Selena Ortega, Agricultural Enhancement Fund and Memorial Scholarship; Jennifer Ortiz, Catherine Hardin Tendick Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Cre’Shawn Owens, Memorial Scholarship; Jennifer Padelli, Business Administration Dean’s Scholarship; Ingrid Perez, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships; Bailey Porter, Leadership Scholarship; Javier Quinonez, Memorial Scholarship; Taylor Ramirez, Leadership Scholarship; Mauricio Ruiz, Memorial Scholarship;

Jesus Sanchez, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships, Memorial Scholarship and Opportunity Scholarship; Dion Saunders, Memorial Scholarship; Marshe’ Slaughter, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships and Memorial Scholarship; Jennifer Smisek, Capitol Federal Scholarship and Riley Management Scholarship; Alicia Sotelo, Achievement Award; Marisa Sotelo, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships, Foundation for Engineering at Kansas State University Fund and Memorial Scholarship; Kathryn Sparks, College of Education Alumni Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship; Logan Stacer, Activity Scholarship and Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence; Reginald Stacker, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships and Martin Luther King Memorial Fund; Danielle Sutter, Ellen and Wayne Evans Human Ecology Scholarship; Craig Swan, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships, Finance Alumni Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship;

Andrew Talkin, Everett J. and Marilyn J. Cupps Civil Engineering Scholarship and Ralph E. Brown Engineering Endowment Fund; Cebastian Thibodo, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships and Foundation for Engineering at Kansas State University Fund; Maya Tilmon, Memorial Scholarship; Joseph Valenti, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence, Ferrol E. Cowan Memorial Scholarship and K-State Transfer Academic Award; Dario Valles, Baeten Farm Scholarship and Cargill Project Impact Scholarships; Jordan Walker, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships; Miranda Watson, Memorial Scholarship; Austin White, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships; Rayvin White, Memorial Scholarship; Gabriel Wilson, Leadership Scholarship; Kendra Wright, Business Administration Dean’s Scholarship, Koch Impact Scholarships and Memorial Scholarship; Chayce Wynn, Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leadership Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Cayla Young, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships.

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