Motor vehicle services now by appointment only

Motor vehicle services at Wyandotte County’s Annex, 8200 State Ave., have changed to in-person service by appointment only for new title and vehicle registration services beginning Dec. 7.

The transition is part of the county’s ongoing efforts to increase public safety and reduce the spread of COVID-19, according to a spokesman. The appointment system will increase public safety by preventing crowding at the annex office.

Customers requiring new title or vehicle registration services can set their appointment time online at

Online, drop off, and mail-only service will continue for all other motor vehicle services. Non-treasury services at the annex location are not affected and will remain open for in-person service.

All motor vehicle services can be completed online or by mail. To learn more, visit or see these frequently asked questions.

Wyandotte County motor vehicle frequently asked questions

  1. What offices are open?
    a. The Downtown Office at 710 N. 7th St., Suite 240, Kansas City, Kansas. This office is open to the public exclusively for real estate, personal property tax, and treasury services.

b. The annex office at 8200 State Ave., Kansas City, Kansas.
i. This office is open by appointment only. To set an appointment, visit
ii. For all motor vehicle work not related to titles, the public is required to use online, dropbox, or mail-in options.

  1. Where is the dropbox located?
    a. The Treasury dropbox is in front of the annex office public entrance at 8200 State Ave., Kansas City, Kansas.

3. What can I use the dropbox for?

a. The dropbox can be used to submit all treasury related business items that are not being serviced in an office. This includes, but is not limited to, annual registration renewals, title work, lien releases, handicap placards, and real estate payments.

  1. How do I title or register a new vehicle?
    a. There are two ways to register a newly acquired vehicle: i. Set an appointment online at
    ii. Follow the instructions on the Motor Vehicle Titling Mail-In Eligibility form.

5. How do I get a 60-day temporary tag?
a. Send an email to

6. How do I apply for or renew my handicap placard?
a. Submit your request for a handicap placard by: i. Using the dropbox located at the annex office (8200 State Ave., Kansas City, Kansas).
ii. Sending an email to
iii. Sending a fax to 913-573-2890.

7. Who can I contact for help?
a. Send an email to or call 3-1-1

15 thoughts on “Motor vehicle services now by appointment only”

      1. My name is Mattie Hearn I need appointment so I can get my tag transfer to my new car I will like to know if I can get appointment on line

        1. Sorry, we don’t work for this office. You can visit for an appointment.

  1. I need an appointment for a copy of the current registration for one our cars. If possible, can the appointment be on Jan 8, 2021? William Girsch will be acting as POA for Diana S Girsch.

    1. Sorry, we don’t work for this office. You can visit for an appointment.

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