New HomeServe app introduced for BPU customers

The Kansas City, Kansas, Board of Public Utilities has joined with HomeServe to bring BPU customers a new tool to help simplify how they manage all the appliances and gadgets in their homes.

According to BPU spokesman David Mehlhaff, customers will be able to keep track of needs associated with major appliances.

The HomeServe app will allow customers to take a picture of their major appliances and systems in their homes and store it on a phone app.

After signing up for a HomeServe account, the customer will be able to access owners’ manuals, replacement parts and how-to videos about the appliances.

The app will notify customers when manufacturers issue safety recalls, according to the spokesman.

The HomeServe app is a voluntary program. BPU customers can install the app by going to

According to Mehlhaff, the BPU and Unified Government have offered water line insurance through Home Serve since 2016.

The BPU doesn’t receive anything for the customers signing up for the new appliance app, and there is no cost to the utility to offer it, he said.

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