New water slide opening pushed back as Schlitterbahn tweaks it

The world’s tallest water slide at the Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City, Kan., as seen on May 10. The opening has been pushed back again, according to an announcement today.

The opening of the world’s tallest water slide at the Schlitterbahn in Kansas City, Kan., has been delayed again.

Originally the Verruckt water slide hoped to open May 23 with the season’s opening of the park at 94th and State Avenue, but that was pushed back tentatively to June 5 while staff made adjustments to the new ride.

Now, in an announcement today, a Schlitterbahn spokesman said the new ride will open at the same time as a feature about building it runs on the Travel Channel, on June 29.

The ride, according to the announcement, “is now functional and a few operational tweaks are ongoing.”

According to today’s announcement, Schlitterbahn will honor all its contest raft winners and will have a special media day prior to opening. More details will be forthcoming on Verruckt opening plans soon, the announcement said.

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