Ozone alert issued for Thursday, Friday

An ozone alert has been issued for Thursday, May 31, and for Friday, June 1, according to the Mid-America Regional Council Air Quality Program.

The orange alert means an unhealthy level of ground-level ozone is expected in the Kansas City area.

Residents are encouraged to carpool, take public transit, bike or walk, practice trip chaining and postpone refueling their vehicles until after 7 p.m.

Carpooling information is available at www.ridesharekc.org, and public transit information is at ridekc.org, or call 816-221-0660.

Bus fare on regular routes is reduced to 75 cents on ozone alert days.

Grouping several errands into one outing, also called trip chaining, also saves gasoline and reduces emissions.

When refueling the car after dark, don’t top it off. Stop at the click to reduce the amount of gas fumes and lessen the chance of a spill, according to MARC.

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