Ozone alert issued for Thursday

An orange ozone alert has been issued for Thursday, Aug. 9, according to the Mid-America Regional Council.

The alert means that an unhealthy level of ground-level ozone is expected Aug. 9 in the Kansas City area.

During an ozone alert, residents are advised to protect their health. Reschedule strenuous outdoor activities before 10 a.m. or after 7 p.m. Children, older adults and people with asthma and respiratory diseases are particularly at risk.

Residents are asked to reduce pollution by limiting driving and yard work. They may carpool, take the bus and postpone mowing and refueling vehicles until later. Consider mowing or refueling after 7 p.m., allowing emissions to dissipate overnight.

On Thursday, the cost of riding the bus will be cut in half, according to RideKC. For more information, visit www.ridekc.org.

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