BPU launches YouTube channel

In an effort to expand its communications with customers, the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities is adding a new YouTube channel to its social media toolbox that already holds Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

“Video is an effective and impactful way to communicate messages to the public. Whether it is a video explaining how we generate power or treat water to educational videos sharing energy efficiency tips, videos can successfully entertain and more importantly educate our customers about our community-owned utility,” said David Mehlhaff, BPU’s chief communications Officer.

Videos currently on the BPU channel include the utility’s energy production process, water treatment process, energy efficiency tips and career spotlights. Additional educational videos will be added showcasing various departments and services at the BPU.

“It just keeps getting easier to stay informed and connected to the BPU, visit us on the web, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn and now watch us on YouTube,” Mehlhaff added.

To watch BPU on YouTube, click in the link:

Voters to go to polls Tuesday

Voters will go to the polls on Tuesday, April 7, to vote in the city, county and school board general elections.

Among some of the contested races on the ballot are the UG 1st District at large, the UG 4th District, the BPU 3rd District at large, the BPU 1st District, and some of the school board contests.

Polls will be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Registered voters need to bring a photo identification card with them. For more information about polling places and details about voting, visit www.wycovotes.org.

Individuals may see which candidates will be on their ballot by visiting: https://myvoteinfo.voteks.org.

Walk-in advance voting closes at noon today at the Kansas City, Kan., Election Office, 850 State Ave.

Running for contested offices in the general election this year:

For Unified Government, 1st District, at large: Melissa Brune Bynum and Mark Gilstrap. Nathan Barnes, a candidate from the primary, has announced he is a write-in candidate.

For Unified Government, 4th District: Harold Johnson and Tarence L. Maddox.

For Board of Public Utilities, 3rd District, at large: Chris McCord and Norman D. Scott.

For Board of Public Utilities, 1st District: Robert “Bob” Milan Sr. and Freddy Wilson Jr.

For KCKCC Board of Trustees (four will be elected): Donald Ash, Ray Daniels, Mary Ann Flunder, Clyde A. Townsend and Victor B. Trammell.

For the Kansas City, Kan., Board of Education (four will be elected): Geore Breidenthal, Irene Caudillo, Korri Hall-Thompson, Janey M. Humphries, Brenda C. Jones, Gloria A. Willis, Valdenia C. Winn and Maria Cecilia Ysaac.

For the Piper Board of Education (four will be elected): Cory Appl, Tom Beebe, Ashley Biondi, Neal Palmer, Lisa K. Sullivan and Jeb Vader.

For the Piper Board of Education, to fill an unexpired term (one will be elected): Steve Buff, Desiree Fergus.

For the Turner Board of Education (four will be elected): Becky Billigmeier, Douglas Lockwood, Theresa Tillery and Sherry Watkins-Alvey.

For the Turner Board of Education, to fill an unexpired term: Jeff Davidson.

For the Bonner Springs Board of Education (four will be elected): Olliea Jarrett, Timothy G. McGinnis, David J. Pierce and Patricia E. Welicky.

For Bonner Springs mayor: Jeff Harrington.

For Bonner Springs City Council, Ward 1 (one will be elected): Jack Knight, Mike Thompson.

For Bonner Springs City Council, Ward 2 (one will be elected): Dani Gurley, Racheal Haas.

For Bonner Springs City Council, Ward 3 (one will be elected): Jordan M. Mackey, Robert W. Reeves.

For Bonner Springs City Council, Ward 4 (one will be elected) Eric Freeman, Mark Kipp.

For Edwardsville City Council, at-large (three will be elected): Chuck Adams, Craig Crider, Terence P. Dunn, Garrett Melott, Chuck Stites.

For Lake Quivira mayor: Michael Olson, Leon M. Rieke.

For Lake Quivira City Council at large: Ben C. Kalny, Bruce Rimbo, Dave White.

For Johnson County Water District 1, Position 6: Joe H. Vaughan, Dennis Wilson.

For Johnson County Water District 1, Position 7: Athena Easterwood, H. Richard “Dick” Noon.

For Fairfax Drainage District directors (three will be elected): George Breidenthal, Kevin S. Brown, Philip A. Kostelac, Martin L. Quinn. Only landowners and taxpayers may vote in Fairfax Drainage District elections.

Kaw Valley Drainage District (three will be elected): James “Bundy” Jenkins, Javier Buddy Marron, David R. Morales, Anthony Talavera Jr. Only registered voters who are also taxpayers on real estate or personal property (cars, trucks, boats) are eligible to vote in the Kaw Valley Drainage District election.

Wolcott Drainage District (three positions open) No one filed for office. Only the owners and taxpayers of land in the Wolcott Drainage District may vote.

To see some stories about the general election candidates, visit:
Unified Government, 1st District, at large:


BPU, 3rd District at large, and 1st District:

Kansas City, Kan., Board of Education:

KCKCC Board of Trustees:

Piper Board of Education:

Some of the candidate forums are online through KCKCC’s website on YouTube. Go to the website, www.kckcc.edu, and click on the YouTube icon on the bottom right of the page to be taken to the candidate forums online.

For primary election results, see http://wyandottedaily.com/barnes-leads-close-ug-1st-district-at-large-contest/
For information from the primary election, see http://wyandottedaily.com/information-offered-on-primary-election/

Candidate questionnaire: Dani Gurley

Dani Gurley
Dani Gurley

1. Name and office sought
Dani Gurley, Bonner Springs City Council Ward 2

2. Age 43

3. Occupation — Administrative Assistant, Applebee’s Services, Inc.

4. Education –Associate in Arts from Kansas City Kansas Community College

5. Organizations, clubs, groups to which you belong
Bonner Springs City Band
Wyandotte County Extension Council
Bonner Springs City Band Commission (Secretary)
Basehor United Methodist Church

6. Reasons for running
I have several community members and neighbors to thank for encouraging me to run for City Council. I have served on the City Band Commission for more than 10 years and am currently the Secretary. Being a City Council member offers me an additional opportunity to be involved as part of the positive, diverse leadership team as a liaison between the residents and the City government.

7. What is your top campaign issue?

I am not running with a focus on any specific issue. I come to the council with no agenda or special interest. My goal is to be the voice of the community and to help make decisions with the best interests of the City in mind.

There are several issues that consistently come up in conversation: keeping taxes low, repairs and improvements to infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, curbs, etc), and the K7/I-70 interchange project. The first two deal directly with fiscal responsibility and I believe the Council has its greatest responsibility to the City through conscientiously budgeting and managing expenses. The K7/I-70 interchange project will require patience and ongoing communication for quite some time. Luckily, KDOT has been receptive and responsive to the City and is working with the City for condensed timelines for as minimal impact to businesses as possible.

8. There may be budget constraints facing local governments and schools. If you had to make cuts, what would be at the top of the list to cut?
Every budget decision directly affects more than one person or area. I believe the City Council must consider the ramifications and ripple effect of every financial decision. If I am elected I promise to educate myself about the budget and the impact it has on everyone. I will work with my fellow Council members to make the most responsible decisions possible.

9. If you are an incumbent, list your top accomplishments in office. If you are not an incumbent, what would you change?

I am less concerned with change as with continuing growth and development. I would like more people to attend council meetings to gain a better understanding of how the system works. I would like the ongoing evaluation of infrastructure repairs to be made as public as possible so people know the issues are being addressed. I want the Council to work as a team for the good of the City, with unbiased and open-minded consideration of the issues that come before it.

10. What is the difference, on the issues, between you and the other candidates running for this office?

There are two somewhat divisive issues that have recently come before the Council:
1) The handling of animals impounded by Animal Control; and
2) The suggestion of collective bargaining for emergency services.

I will be the first to admit I have questions and need more information on both topics but I have realized that my initial opinion doesn’t agree with some of the current council members.

11. Have you run for elected office previously? When, results?
I have not previously run for elected office.