Police briefs

Aggravated robbery reported

Kansas City, Kansas, police reported an aggravated robbery on Friday night near 10th and Calvin. A suspect armed with a knife took the victim’s keys, according to police statement on social media.

Aggravated burglary reported
Aggravated burglary and aggravated battery was reported Friday night in the 1900 block of North 25th. According to police, a suspect broke into the victim’s home, and the victim was pushed into a window during a confrontation. The victim had a significant cut on his hand and was treated at a hospital. The suspect was taken into custody, police stated on social media.

Aggravated assault reported
Police also reported an aggravated assault case on Friday night. During an argument about property, a suspect pointed a gun at the victim and threatened to kill her, police stated on social media. The suspect fled.

Driver flees from police, hits power pole
At Glendale and Garfield, police officers tried to stop a vehicle for speeding on Friday night. It was a possible unreported stolen vehicle from an area dealership, according to police. The driver did not yield, police stated on social media. The chase was terminated near 17th and Richmond, and the driver of the vehicle hit a pole causing a power outage at 18th and Richmond, according to police. The driver fled on foot.

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